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August 2007

August 27, 2007

Secret Weapon

MXPXSecret Weapon

As I promised I got the lates MXPX album after Summer Sonic. All the songs are awesome! Energetic and encouraging.

タイトルにもなっているSecret Weapon。「秘密兵器」とな。
When it comes to "encouraging" You're On Fire is also good.

あと、Angels is my favorite♥ Sad Sad Song is slower comparing to the others but I like it, too (of course as it's obvious in the title, it's sad though).

I guess if you like one of the songs in the album, you'll like them all. 聴いてみて1曲でも気に入れば、他のも絶対好きだと思う。


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August 26, 2007






金曜にはFuji Rockのオンエアがあったのですが、夜中の放送分が私とHDDレコーダの日付の解釈に誤解があり、録画失敗。。。Lostprophets....しょっきんぐ。。。




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Sense And Sensibility

Jane Austin Sense and Sensibility


Finally I fiished reading the book I bought many years ago when I visited L.A. I was studying at the Faculty of Literature at college (although my major was language education) and I just wanna say that I have some literature experience(?).

Jane Austinは、イギリスの作家で、18世紀後半くらいかな?「嵐が丘」や「ジェーン・エア」のブロンテ姉妹よりちょこっと前。他にも有名な作品を残しておりまして、中でも「プライドと偏見」は映画を観て、レビューを書きました。

I also saw a film "Pride and Prejudice" and I wrote about the film on this blog before (the link above). Jane Austin died of an illness at the age of 40 or around and was unmarried all her life. Her descpription of each characters are detailed and it makes me sleepy sometimes (because the story doesn't proceed!).


日本語のタイトルは「分別と多感」。Dashwood家の姉妹の長女Elinorと次女Marianneについての話なのですが、長女が「分別」次女が「多感」の人として描かれています。映画にもなったんだけど、私の大好きなKate Winsletやハリポのスネイプ先生Alan RickmanやEmma ThompsonそしてHugh Grantが出ているので、観たくて仕方ないのに、wowowでの放送を何度も見逃してます(;ー;)

The title "sense" stands for the eldest sisiter of Dashwoods and "sensibility" is the second Marianne. I also would love to see the film starring my favorite actress Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman(well-known as Professor Snape of Harry Potter), Emma Thompson(also appears in HP ) and Hugh Grant!!! But I always miss the on-air at WOWOW.


The sisters are respectively in love with young men, but Elinor's love turned out to be engaged to another young lady Lucy. On the other hand, Marrianne's guy is a jerk who had an affair with another girl and she got pregnant. He was cut off by his family and he decided to marry a rich lady (I must say the guys in this novel are all dupes).


Lucy is really a mean and bad girl. On porpose or not, she confessed Elinor her secret engagement and she believes they're friends. Elinor who has the "sense" cannot tell her feeling to anyone although she's badly broken-hearted.


Marianne is very open and direct, and emotional. Her mood is obvious and she bursts into tears in front of other people. And she even became sick because she was too shocked by her loved-one's betrayal. But she realized how stupid she had been when she knew tha fact that Elinor, who took care of her, had been also broken-hearted.


The story ends like "happy ever after". Lucy married Edward's brother who succeeded the fortune as Edward(Elinor's love) was kicked out by her angry mother. Then finally Edward proposed Elinor. She'd thought Lucy and Edward already got married so she was so happy that she couldn't help crying and ran into her own room, showing even she's sometimes become emotional. Marianne married a man who had loved her for long and he's also the man of the "sense".



The noble people at that time, especially women had no way but to marry rich people to survive if they have little fortune.


I unconsciously read the book from Elinor's point of view, which could be the auther's as well. But I think everyone has both "sense" and "sensibility". But I found it hard to keep the balance.

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August 19, 2007

Paper Walls

YellowcardPaper Walls

They performed at Fuji Rock Festival this year....how much I wanted to see them there...
Anyway I got this and found nothing to be disappointed:-) The violin sound is standing out again in this album and is so cool. (I also found out that the violinist has Japanese descent)


Light Up The Sky, Shadows And Regretsあたりがお気に入り。歌詞みるとemoっぽい感じもする。
I also like Dear Bobby, too. The voice that reads a letter is (I heard) Ryan's grandfather. It sounds really romantic. I really hope when I get very old I still love someone (the one in my life) and is loved by him as well.

Dear BobbyはボーカルのRyanのおじいさんがモデルになってるとか?中で手紙読んでるのもご本人とか??ものすごくロマンティック。。。「死ぬときは、あなたを愛して死ぬ」「あなたはすっかり白髪だけど、美しい」「私たちは歩くのが遅くなったけど、まだお互い一緒にいる」なんて、そんな風になれたら、どんなにステキだろう。自分が老いたときにそうなっていたい。

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Who We Are

Ec99400421ef4f58b79aafd881fc7df1LifehouseWho We Are

I bought this very long ago but I just didn't have much time to write a review on it. I've been a fan of them since the former self-titled album. In the album, "You And Me" is brilliant!
Although my best favorite music is punk, I adore Lifehouse's high-quality, beautifu rock very much. Listening to their songs, I feel like "adult" or "matured". The vocal, Jason's voice is attractive, too.

もともと、punk好きの私ですが、Lifehouseの上質ロックも大好きです。前回のアルバム、特にYou And Meが気に入って以来ファンです。なんか、彼らの歌はオトナな気分になれる歌です。ボーカルのJasonの声がいい!

First Time is now in Top40. It is a kind of romantic but energish song:-)
And Who We Are is also nice.
I like Make Me Over(beautiful lyrics and melody!) and Whatever It Takes(she's leaving but he wants to start over again...).

The songs are mostly about an almost-broken heart it seems. And in the center of the booklet, there's a picture of a cracked heart.

First Timeは現在Top40入り。ちょっと恋の始まり的な感じなのかしら、ノリのよい曲です。Who We Areもいい感じ。あとは、歌詞とメロディーの美しいMake Me Overも好き。
Whatever It Takesは、彼女を傷つけてしまって、たぶんフラれちゃいそうなんだけど、でももう一度チャンスをくれたら、何だってする!的なやり直そうとする彼の歌(そう言われたら許しちゃうかもなぁ)。



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August 12, 2007

Summer Sonic07 day2

けど、がんばって行った。見たのはThe Fratellisだけだけど。

It was sooooooo hot today, too. But still I went to see The Fratellis!
I guess it was the hottest time of the day and I even felt fainting but it was nothing when the show started. As the first song Henrietta started, people got so excited! I didn't expect there would be such many people. The Fratellis didn't really talk much and they didn't try to move the audience, yet people were so excited!


Well, the drum fratelli looked like my ex and it let me down a bit.
Anyway, they finished with Flathead and was so fun!


I couldn't see some of the artists I wanted to see but I am satisfied now.


A stupid bastard started smoking in the arena (I couldn't believe!) during the show but one guy told him to stop it, I saw another guy picked up thrown bottles after the show on his way out. They are real rockers, aren't they?

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Summer Sonic07 day1-2



まずはお目当てのOK.Go at Marine Stage. あ、暑い、、、滝のような汗が。
The first song was "Television, Television". アップテンポでのりやすい(^^)
"A Good Idea At the Time" is cool as well. 「Loveソングを」ということで"Oh Lately It's So Quiet", I love this song, too.
Of course they played "Do What You Want" and "Here It Goes Again".
"Tokyo is f*cking incredible!"って、皆さんそうおっしゃいますね lol


その後、復活して、初めてMountain Stageへ。去年はずっと野外だったから。Island Stageも今年は屋内になったみたい。

そこで、30 Seconds to Mars, MXPX and Fall Out Boyを聴いた。

I've heard of the name "30 Seconds to Mars" and one of the members is an actor, too. But I had never tried their music. I thought they're more pop but actually loud. I guess they put some images of Japanese culture in their performance. There were paper wall screens and the singer appeared with white kimono on. They rather looked a bit religious.
日本を意識してか、障子スクリーンや、ボーカルが白い着物はおって現れたり。それで聴衆に向かってI want you to screamとか言われると、もはや宗教チック。音楽自体は思ったよりラウドだった。

And then MXPX, many people came and they're so excitied! I only have "The Broken Bones" but I do like other songs played by them today. As the frontman said, I should go to a record shop and get their latest album "Secret Weapon":-)
MXPXはCMソングになったThe Broken Bonesしか持ってなかったけど、パンクですねぇ。大好きです。盛り上げ上手だし、人もたくさん集まってて、盛り上がってた。フロントマンの人が言ってたように、最新アルバム買いに行かなきゃ。
He said "Angels is about Japanese girls, I don't know". Maybe I will check it out.

And Fall Out Boy was back to Summer Sonic again! I saw them at Marine stage last year, wondered why Mountain this time. But it was so crowded and the audience was so excited.
I really enjoyed the show and I forgot that I was tired and weary soon after it started. They sang songs from their latest, and of course "Sugar, We're Going Down" and "Dance, Dance".
But....why Pete Wentz wore hoodie though it's so hot. I remember he was wearing it last year, too. And he speaks so fast and unclear. He said when he visited Tokyo for the first time some kids taught him how to say "Hello", "Thanks" and "God Damn"...and yes they sang "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race"
There was a surprising guest (singer) too but I couldn't recognize who he was...:p

スペシャルゲストも来たけど、誰かわかりませんでした、、、最新アルバムでコラボ?してる人?しかし、Peteはいつもしゃべるのはやいし、何言ってるかわからない。。。とりあえず、最初の来日で「こんにちは」「ありがとう」「クソ野郎」って言葉を教えてもらった、って言ってた。で、最後のやつがGod Damn->Thie Ain't...につながった。
Tokyo, We love you~ということで、Power Of Loveをちょこっと歌ったり。


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August 11, 2007

Summer Sonic07 day1-1

I'm here in Makuhari where summer sonic07 is held.
It's terriblly hot outside and I was almost sick just to come here. I'm in the indoor stage right now waiting to the next show to start (MXPX) it is comfortable here with air conditioning coz last year i stayed open air stages all day and got tanned that was what i least wanted.

I saw OK.GO first at Marine stage and i was too excited and dying after that so i left the arena, moved up to the stand and sit down, watching Editor and B'z. It's surprising that they performed at SS, by the way.

I recovered somehow,now came to Mountain stage, but sitting on a floor again, saw 30 seconds to Mars.

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August 07, 2007

Le Creuset




I've got a le creuset heart-shaped cocot today.
I'd saved points by paying by my credit card and they're valid until the end of september so I exchanged the points into this gift. I wanted this cocot so I was happy to find it on the gift list.
I want a le creuset pan or pot, too. But they're expensive...

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August 02, 2007

Summer, officially

At last the rainy season is over and it's summer!



I have spent much money on foods and drinks these days.
There are too many attractive shops around my work place!!


After released from the hospital, my grandfather started to join in a day-care program in a nursing home. Today some college students visited the home (they need to visit and help some work there to finish their teacher's course. it is required for the teacher's license).
(うちの孫が〜って話したらしい 笑)


I rememberd that I visited a nursing home a few years ago.
There was an old man who always asked me to play games and beaten me everytime. I hope he is doing ok now.

My Granpa is a kind of cute so I guess he's popular among them:-)

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