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October 08, 2007

London 〜ブチ切れ編I can't take it anymore!! Part1〜

Of course I love London and I know there're always some trouble when you are travelling, but there were two things (incidents) that I really got mad at.

1) I don't call it "flushing" when I have to pump it three times!
The hotel we stayed in London costed almost the same amount as the five-star hotel in Brussels, but it was B&B style. Of course it was OK as we just came back to take a bath and sleep...besides there's bustab in the bathroom... but it wasn't ok. The toilet didn't flush.

It flushed at first but if I tried to flush it again immediately, a little water came out and it didn't work. Of course I went to claim it and the clerk said he'd go and check while we were out. But I knew he wouldn't.

トイレが流れないってありえないんですけどー!!部屋替えてよ!と抗議。でも満室。とりあえず、15分後に見に行くから、と。もちろん来やしない。 ブチッ。
It's really impossible to stay the room with a useless toilet and I asked them to change the room but there's no room that night. The clerk said he'd come in 15 min, of course he didn't.

I went down to the reception and he soon realized that I was really really mad and he replied "I'll come soon ma'am". I couldn't trust him so I waited in front of the reception. And at last he came with me. Then he said,

「流れてるじゃないか」 "It flushes"

は? huh?


According to him, we need to pull the lever three times to flush the toilet, but if I did, it didn't flush the second time. Then he said we had to wait for the water to fill in the tank (btw, it was the third floor) . We found that it took at least 30 minutes... Anyways, to have seen me so angry, the clerk changed his attitude and afterall we're able to change the room next day.

"If you want you can change the room"
"Really? Then we'll move when we get back this afternoon"
"No, you have to pack your stuff right now and I will carry them to a new room or there'll be no room"

I guess they'd put another guests in the room with the broken toilet...
But we could hardly stay at the room so we changed.


There's another problem about the power supply. The connection was bad and I needed to hang something a bit heavy. And there weren't enough plates at the breakfast either...
I think we should choose a 4 or 5 star hotel next time even though it's expensive.


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笑 中国のホテル思い出したよ

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