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February 09, 2008

Pierre Marcolini


It's St. Valentine's day next Thursday. And Japan is a big market for chocolates in this season. I am a kind of against the Japanese style Valentine's day in which girls give boys chocolates, but I love chocolates so I'm happy that there are variety of them at this time of year.

光栄です!!そして、一箱はだーりんへ、もう1箱は家族で山分け。私は赤い♥型のチョコ、Coeur Framboise(木苺の心)をいただきました。美味shine

When I visited Brussels last year, the biggest regret is that I couldn't visit Pierre Marcolini shop there. This time, the chocolatier came here for promotion and I went to see him at a department store in Yokohama. I bought two Valentine-special pink boxes of chocolates and he signed on it! And we took a picture together. I greeted him in my beginner French:-) He was so nice and handsome. Au revoirheart01

I'm SO HAPPY! I gave the one to mon cheri and the other to my family. I ate the red one named Coeur Framboise (Raspberry heart) and was so delicious.

Bonne Saint Valentin!


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