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March 02, 2008

Girl's (Peach) Festival

Hinamatsuri (girl's/peach festival) is March 3rd (tomorrow), but we celebrated it tonight (please don't mind that we daughters are too old to be celebrated...).

えりかママ謹製ちらしずし Chirashi zushi (sushi)

Girl's festival is also called Peach festival, but we see plum(ume) flowers blooming much more than peach flowers. I went to see them in a park near my place.

I also made some Sakura mochi. 桜餅も作成。

Sakura mochi

50g of flour
20g of Shiratamako (rice cake powder)
100cc of water
a teaspoonful of sugar
10 sheets of salted sakura leaves
--anko (bean jam)--
sarashi an (powdered bean) 100g
or readymade koshi-an(bean jam)

to make anko, put powdered "an" and 4 cups of water in a pot and leave it for a while. Then put 200-250g of sugar and heat the pot. Keep mixing and stop heating when the "an" gets sticky.

# make sure to prepare anko beforehand.

1) bake sakura mochi skins. put Shiratama ko in a bowl and add water. Leave it for a while and then put sugar and flour and mix them.

2) grease a pan with oil and heat with a low flame. spread the dough to the size of 6cm x 12cm oval like baking crepes.
turn them over when the surface of the dough are dried.

3) take some bean jam and make a small rugby ball with it.
4) wash sakura leaves and dry them.
5) roll the bean jam piece with the skin and then roll it with the sakura leave.


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