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September 05, 2008

Le Patissier Jouvaud


I LOVEheart01macarons! I haven't tried to bake them and I've been concentrating in eating them:p Carl's dad told me his best favorite macaron patissier in Paris, and I found that the shop opend its Tokyo branch recently, I really need to go there! But I found another good one.

退職時のお礼のお菓子を探していて、目に留まったJOUVAUD。南仏プロヴァンスのお菓子屋さんらしいです(が、日本では井村屋さんが作ってる?)。It is a patisserie from Provence, Southern France, and Imuraya is producing their confectionaries in Japan.

最初に目に留まったのは、Pates de fruits(パテ・ド・フリュイ)です。果物の果汁を煮詰めて砂糖をまぶしたゼリー状のお菓子で、4年前にパリで友だちのMelanieに教えてもらったお菓子屋さんで買ったこのお菓子がものすごく気に入って、それ以来大好き。写真撮るの忘れちゃったbleahまた今度。

When I visited Paris for the first time, my friend Melanie took me to a patisserie and I found Pates de fruits there and fell in love with it! Sorry no picture of them.
I also bought the macaron framboise and was....awesome! They use hazelnuts instead of almonds? Anyway, it is a little different from ordinal macarons.


Tres tres bon!なんか、アーモンドじゃなくて、ヘーゼルナッツかなんか使ってるのかな?とにかく、ナッツ感がわかって、おいしかった(><)


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