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March 19, 2009

Café de la PRESSE




This is my favorite café on NihonOdori street. There are many historical buildings around this area and this is my favorite as I like old buildings. I had had lunch at another restaurant in the same building but hadn't been to the cafe until last year.
One day, we were hunging around Yokohama and Carl was searching every single French words in town (like names of the shops). And then we found the café. We were wondering what "PRESSE" meant: if it's a journal or pressing (pressure). There is a news paper museum in the building so the answer is former. Then we found it beautiful and tried. The patissier is also from France and his macarons are tres bien!!

Yokohama has a new area like Minatomirai and also a historical and exotic area which flourished for the opening of the port. I liked the latter for my wedding and as we hold it in Japan I wanted something very French.

For me Hotel New Grand (near Yamashita park) was really attractive and also we could have rented Yokohama Kaiko memorial building which has a tower called Jack. But they couldn't meet our requirements (mainly religious). The Kaiko memorial bldg. is managed by local town so they don't allow anything religious and alcohol drinks (you know, champegne is an important item for celebration in France).


We knew that the place was often used for weddings on their website but I thought it should be better to ask a professional coordinator so we visited a bridal company. We should have made a reservation but their attitude was really disgusting and we thought "we'd rather do it ourselves then!!. I think Japan has higher quality of services so even Carl was surprized at them. So, we went to the café and asked directly. They have their own coordinators and it was fine! The church has one, too, so it wasn't that hard....well it was hard since we wanted to make the caremony/party unique...


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