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March 22, 2009


Cooking fries are not easy. So I try to cook as much as possible and put in the freezer. I did it on a pan and splashed the oil around the other day. So this time I did it in a deeper pot.

Isobeage of chikuwa. It reminds me of the served lunch at school. The coating is made of flour and (potato)starch, 3:1, aonori (blue seaweed) and water. Coat chikuwa with the dough and fry.

ついでに以前にも作ったPomme de terre dauphine。反省を生かし、今回はうまくできたと思います。しかし大量・・・。And pomme de terre dauphine. I learned some lessons from the previous try so I was able to cook them better. But so many...

揚げたてが美味しいんだけどね~。味わえるのは私だけbleah They taste better right after frying. I am the only one to taste them. Sorry~


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