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April 27, 2009



I was chatting with my friend who knows so much about Japan the other day and we ended up talking about Japanese history. He's learning it by reading comic books "manga Japanese History" and he has better knowledge on it than I do. I told Carl how much I was impressed by his knowledge and that might have stimulated him...I found a small book on Japanese history in the bed room lol.

Carl's knowledge on Japanese history was provided by the manga "Ruro ni Kenshin" which is set in the early modern Japan. I myself took more Japanese history classes than World history so I am not so sure about what happened in France. I know much better about British one because I was in the department of English literature at college, but when it comes to France...I just read and watched "Lady Oscar" :p

So we went to Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History in Bashamichi Street in Yokohama. This building used to be the bank and one of my favorite old buildings.

Our high school required a thesis writing for graduation and I chose "The Life of Women in Old Japan", so I went there for the library on weekends and afterschools. I'm not satisfied with the thesis and I even wish if I could re-write it. I remembered the deadline was the July of 1999 so my friends and I were half laughing "the world will be over (for Nostradamus's sake) so we don't have to finish it!".

It's free for high school students but now we have to pay. It was 1000 yen for both special and regular exhibitions. Now the special one is for the 150 anniversary of the opening of Yokohama port. The regular exhibition is on Kanagawa prefecture so mainly the very old ages, Kamakura, Odawara and the black ship issue and later. I think I was able to explained the history briefly.

It was the 150 anniversary for Franco-Japon communication last year. They signed a treaty of friendship and commerce in 1858 and there were some French people in Yokohama foreign resident. There were French pier and Mt.France (where the embassy used to be). It's interesting to learn these connections:)


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