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May 21, 2009

最近の食卓 Dinners, recently

I'm not cooking only cakes! It is not easy (as always) to plan meals not to waste food(materials), thinking if the left over can be the lunch of the following day or if they are balanced, etc...




The dinner the other day. Ratatouilles that were kept in the freezer, with pennes, vegetable saute, fried chicken (karaage) and fried nagaimo potato. You can call them borderless or disorganized!?

Vegetable saute contains a carrot, enoki mashrooms and cabbage. Sauteing them with a little bit of oil, powdered chicken broth, powdered ginger and salt. Chicken fries are healthy in the way that I used our super-heated steam oven without any oil. I add some sesame oil in vegetable oil when I fried the nagaimo potato. Cover the potatoes with starch and fry.


I started growing some herbs since my friends and mother grow some plants. Our balcony is not so large so just a little bit. I am not good at taking care of plants and what's more, I hate bugs and worms! But I heard they don't usually like herbs with a strong smell.

When I bought a plant pot, a bag of rocket seeds came with them, so I planted them. They're growing quickly but when it became like 10-20 cm tall, I found some holes on the leaves...

穴は日に日に増え。ちょっと早めだけど収穫して食べちゃいました。The more holes everyday, so I cut and ate them although a bit early.
サラダにするには貧相なので、シチューに入れてみた。They didn't look like for salad so I put them in a stew.


I first thought some flies made the holes, but a couple of days later, when I was watering the herbs I found...tiny...green...worms!!!! I was so sick...but I made up my mind and removed all the rockets which were full of holes. Sorry but it's your fate, worms, I had to put you in a water pot. I still find some survived around the sweet basils but they don't eat basils, it seems. Oregano and Rosemary were safe.


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