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May 05, 2009

Jeff de Bruges

Maman kindly sent us a heavy (really! the postman was laughing at it) parcel from France the other day and there were chocolates, laundry detergents, pastas etc.. which are favorites of Carl or something not available in Japan. I will introduce other stuff later but first of all, the seasonal thing...


4月のイースター向けのチョコレートです。Jeff de Brugesというブランドで、フランス人のフィリップ・ジャンボンさんが創始者(ジェフじゃないのね。。)名前の由来について、最初は苗字のジャンボン(ちなみに、ハムの意)のしていたけど、ピンとこなくて、好きな歌のジェフと最初の工場があったブルージュからこの名前にしたそうな。ブルージュってフランスにもあるけど、フランス人だけどベルギーのブランドって言ってるから、ベルギーのブルージュのことなんだと思います。
This chocolate box was for Easter. The brand is called Jeff de Bruges and the founder is monsieur Fillippe Jambon (not Jeff...). He explains about the origin of the name, at first they used the name Jambon but it wasn't that good, and then named after his favorite song Jef and the location of the first factory Bruges. I think there is also Bruges in France but it seems to be the Bruges in Belgium because he says he's a French but creates Belgian chocolates.

中も外もかわいい!!So cute inside and outside.

時々上げ底でガッカリすることあるけど、これは二段です!Two layers! Super.


うさぎ、あひる、にわとり、たまご、ひつじ、鐘の形をしていて、味も様々。Bunnies, ducks, chickens, eggs, sheep and bells, with various flavor.
あ、魚もある。And fish, too.

I would heart01to visit the shop when I go to France. I looked up the website and couldn't find a shop in Belgium...mmm?


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