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May 03, 2009





The expo has started! There are free areas and also areas where you need to buy a ticket. I'd like to see the charged area some day later. There are also many school kids on school trip in Yokohama.

After looking through the free areas, we went to Yokohama Archives of History where I'd wanted to visit for long. We can enter with the 50% off fare if we show a Y150 ticket, but it's only ¥200 (which means it will be ¥100).
The building is also beautiful. It stands near the harbor, Osanbashi pier and the Scandinavian restaurant Scandia. It is used to be the British embassy and also the place where the Treaty between the U.S. and Japan was signed in mid-nineteenth century.

博物館のカフェって結構好き。ここはとりわけステキ☆前から気になってたんだけど、今回はじめて利用してみました。Au jardin de Perry。ペリーはアメリカ人ですが、フランス語で「ペリーの庭で」、そしてメニューもフレンチっぽいです(フランス語でも書いてあります。一部おじさんが「違う。。。」とツッコミを入れる箇所もありましたが。。。)

I like museum cafes! Particularly the cafe here was pretty and I'd wanted to try. The name of the cafe is Au jardin de Perry which means "at the garden of Perry" in French (I know Perry was an American...and the most of the menus are French and they are written in French as well, although Carl pointed out some mistakes...).

フレンチ・トースト(pain perdu)とクロックムッシュ。おいしかった!カフェ内部もかわいらしいです。そういえば、随分前にカールおじさんが教えてくれたけど、フレンチトーストはフランス語で「失われたパン」という意味の言葉で、古くなってカッチカチのバケットに卵と牛乳、砂糖をひたして調理し、復活させることから名付けれたようです。こういう名前の由来って興味深い。

We had French toasts and Croque monsieur. They're good! The interior of the cafe is also pretty. By the way, Carl told me that French toast was "pain perdu" which means "lost bread" in French. They cook an old and hard baguette (not "eatable") with some eggs, milk and sugar and "revive" it, and that's how they call it "lost bread". I always find it so interesting to learn the origins of names.


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