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June 10, 2009



Finally, I finished the book. I found it in Carl's bookshelf and I was to read it when I have time. But one day I found the release day of the film was coming closer and hurried to the bookshelf. It took a month to read the book after all since I didn't have enough time.
I was often confused wondering which is the fact and which is not. But I am sure it makes you feel like traveling to Vatican and Rome.

I read The Da Vinci Code (again, just before the film) but Angels&Demons is much larger than that. The large scale also made me shout "It can't be!!" for many times. Particularly I am not satisfied with:

1) 主人公の教授、命が3つあっても足りなかったと思います。
I think Professor Langdon could have died more than three times.
2) 行動を共にするのは、なんでいつも若い女性なんですか?
Why does he work with a young woman?
3) 後始末はきちんとしましょう。
Don't leave things messed up.


The series of miracles on him made the story cheaper. He was also with an attractive young woman in the novel The Da Vinci Code and they kind of fell in love...I wonder what would happen if his partner was an elder woman or young man (I'd rather want to read that story). There were some things left unclear. I can't help worrying what happened to the man who was kicked out of his car by Langdon although it was an emergency... well, it may not be a big deal though.

Apart from the blames above, the story was exciting. According to Carl (the source is not sure), a new novel will be in stores soon. I'm looking forward to it.


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