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June 2009

June 25, 2009


*Nihongo ga kyuuni utenaku nattanode, eigo dakede gomennasai...

We arrived in Paris after 12-hour-flight and have been staying at Carl's home near Paris. Our plan is so tight and I couldn't find enough time to update this blog. We traveled to Mont Saint Michel and then Saint Malo on Monday and Tuesday. And we leave for Belgium tomorrow (Thursday).

Unfortunately, my favorite cybershot broke suddenly and I bought a new one here afterall... I am so sad about it. Here're some of the photos (before the camera broke):

Maman took us to a hypermarket. Cheese, everyday ;-)

Versaille Palace. The garden.

Gallery of Glass inside the palace.

I have a looooooooooooooooot to write because it's like a homestay that I experienced ten years ago in California and I learned so many things.

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June 19, 2009



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June 17, 2009

出発前に・・・ Before we leave

週末はお友達+お友達のお友達from LA とプチ横浜観光。We enjoyed a petit tour in Yokohama with my friend and her friend from Los Angels.
久々にシーバスに乗りました。We got on a sea bus (boat) from Yokohama to Minatomirai.

ランドマークの上階でお茶。先日復活した象の鼻パークが見える!帰って来たら散歩に行きたい。And we talked over tea and cakes at a cafe on the 70th floor of Landmark Tower. We can see the park of Elephant Nose! The park (the shape of an elephant nose) is recently re-opened. I would like to go there when we come home.

美味deliciousチーズタルトここのお皿はオリジナルデザインかな?ノリタケでした。Yummy! Tarte au fromage. The dishes and cups here seemed to be originally designed. The manufacturer
was Noritake (famous china company in Japan).

留守中、生き延びてくれるか分からないハーブたち。。。バジル君が一番ヤバそうなので、食べることに。While we are away, I am not sure my herbs can survive... And I think Sweet Basil could be the last one so I decided to eat them.

虫もつかず、元気に育ちました。Good boys... no bugs, worms, and very healthy.

出発前にできるだけ開封したモノを使い切ろうと努力しているところでしたが、ちょうど強力粉が残っていたので。。。ピザを作りました。I am trying hard to finish all the foods and materials before we leave. There were some flour and dried yeast...Pizza!
The sauce was mixture of ketchup and okonomi yaki sauce, then green pepper, ham, basil and parmesan cheese. They are all left-overs!;-)

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June 13, 2009

文の助茶屋@新横浜 Bunnosuke Chaya @ Shinyokohama


Before my friend leaves Japan, I wanted to see her in West Japan where she lives, but she has to leave a lot earlier than she planned and we also go to his parents' in France which made our visit difficult... Then she came here :-D

It might be nonsense since she all the way came from the west and we went to Bunnosuke Chaya cafe from Kyoto in Shinyokohama Cubic Plaza. I didn't know it was there and it is the first Bunnosuke cafe in Yokohama. My sister is a big fan of them and she orders their sweets over the internet or goes to the department store where an exhibition of products from Kyoto is held. It's great we have them in here now!

I had Maccha Warabi Mochi (warabi cake with green tea powder). They also sells sweets for taking out so I bought the same one for Carl.

C'etait tres bon! And it was so fun.


The cafe is on the tenth floor and the view from the window was amazing! There are green hills and Minatomirai is over them. I used the station for the first time when our school took pupils for a school trip. It was a typical suburb (countryside?) where there were still huge vegetable fields or rice patches. Now it has been developed, I'm not sure if it's good or bad.

So, we're leaving for France next week. We concerned about the swine flu and hesitated, but we decided to go this time as we are not so sure when will be the next chance. Since we have little time left, we are soooo busy getting ready for the voyage!

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June 11, 2009

もちもちニョッキ Rice Gnocchi


Instead of high gluten flour, I used powdered rice for gnocchi. There're much of them left which I have used for making Japanese sweets.

*Ingredients*材料 for two people 二人前
two large potatoes じゃがいもLサイズ2個
70g of powdered rice 上新粉70g
30g of pastry flour 薄力粉30g
a pinch of salt 塩少々
an egg (will not use all of them) 卵1個(全部使わない)
some powdered cheese 粉チーズ少々

1) じゃがいもは洗い、皮のまま電子レンジで調理します。ラップを使い、600Wで、竹ぐしを刺してチェックしながら4~5分。Wash the potatoes and cook with microwave without peeling the skin. Use plastic wrap, heat for 4-5minutes (600W).

2) じゃがいもの皮をむいて、つぶします。Peel the skin of the potatoes and mash.

3) 冷めたら、上新粉、小麦粉、塩、粉チーズを加えます。軽く混ぜます。溶き卵を少しずつ加えて、よくこねながら、1つにまとめます。溶き卵の量はやわらかさを見て調節します。When the mashed potatoes cooled down, add powdered rice, flour, salt and powdered cheese. Mix briefly. Pour beaten egg little by little and knead well. Adjust the amount of the egg according the softness of the dough.

4) 打ち粉をしいた板の上で生地を細長く伸ばします。1.5センチ程度に切って、フォークを押し付けて溝を作ります。Roll the dough on the powder-shifted board and make it longer. Cut in pieces of 1.5 cm and push a fork on to make some trenches.

5) 鍋にお湯をわかし、ニョッキをゆでます。浮かんできたら1~2分ゆでて、すくい上げます。Boil water in a pot and put gnocchi. When they rise up, leave for a couple of minutes and scoop.

Enjoy them with your favorite sauce. We ate them with Ratatouille and it was delicious.

Le creuset that we received as a gift the other day. The first cooking was carrot soup.

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June 10, 2009



Finally, I finished the book. I found it in Carl's bookshelf and I was to read it when I have time. But one day I found the release day of the film was coming closer and hurried to the bookshelf. It took a month to read the book after all since I didn't have enough time.
I was often confused wondering which is the fact and which is not. But I am sure it makes you feel like traveling to Vatican and Rome.

I read The Da Vinci Code (again, just before the film) but Angels&Demons is much larger than that. The large scale also made me shout "It can't be!!" for many times. Particularly I am not satisfied with:

1) 主人公の教授、命が3つあっても足りなかったと思います。
I think Professor Langdon could have died more than three times.
2) 行動を共にするのは、なんでいつも若い女性なんですか?
Why does he work with a young woman?
3) 後始末はきちんとしましょう。
Don't leave things messed up.


The series of miracles on him made the story cheaper. He was also with an attractive young woman in the novel The Da Vinci Code and they kind of fell in love...I wonder what would happen if his partner was an elder woman or young man (I'd rather want to read that story). There were some things left unclear. I can't help worrying what happened to the man who was kicked out of his car by Langdon although it was an emergency... well, it may not be a big deal though.

Apart from the blames above, the story was exciting. According to Carl (the source is not sure), a new novel will be in stores soon. I'm looking forward to it.

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June 05, 2009

Tortellini トルテリーニ

Maman sent us some packages of tortellini a couple of months ago. Tortellini is a pasta which wraps a piece of ham or cheese. The difference between Tortelloni seems to be the size.

Last time we just cooked them with consomme soup but this time I prepared sauce! It is based on a recipe on the back of the package with some adjustments (mainly for the foods in our fridge).

1/4 of an onion たまねぎ 1/4個
1/2 of a carrot にんじん 1/2本
2-3 leaves of cabbage キャベツ 大きめの葉2〜3枚
Tomato (canned, 400g) トマト缶(400g入)1
1/2 cup of red wine 赤ワイン1/2カップ
Sime parsley, oregano, salt, pepper and olive oil

1) たまねぎは細かく切ります。にんじんとキャベツはフードプロセッサで細かくします。
Cut the onion into small pieces. Chop the carrot and the cabbage with a food processor.

2) 鍋にオリーブオイルをしいて、たまねぎを炒めます。その後にんじんとキャベツを加えて更に炒めます。
Spread oil in a pot and fly the onion. Then add the carrot and the cabbage and fly some more.

3) 赤ワインを加えます。パセリ、オレガノ、塩こしょうします。トルテリーニも味がしっかりしてるので、薄味にします。
Add 1/2 cup of red wine. Then add parsley, oregano, salt and pepper. In order to enjoy the taste of tortellini, I tried to add less salt.

4) トマトを加え、煮立てます。
Pour the tomato and cook well.

5) トルテリーニは固形コンソメを入れたお湯で煮ます。中身入ってるので15分以上かかります。
Cook tortellini with consomme soup (using a consomme cube).

6) ソースと一緒にいただきますrestaurantEnjoy tortellini with the sauce.

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