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July 06, 2009

Day 2 Party & Walk 二日目 パーティーと散歩

I grew up in a house which is close to a busy moterway, so Carl's parents' resident was too quite for me! Looking out from the window, there were a lot of green. If I were raised here, I could have been a more generous person.

chickたしかにハイパーだった Oui, c'etait hyper...

午前にはmamanのお買い物に同行。近所の『Hypermarcheイペルマルシェ』へ。。スーパーじゃないんだ。。。In the morning we followed maman going shopping. The Hypermarche in the town...well, it's not "super"...
チーズだけで2列くらい。。。An alley full of only Cheeses!!

Breads (and macarons!!). But French people are usually very keen on bread and Carl's family also buys bread at a boulangerie. By the way, not only baguette, I also had some croissants but I don't like the one in Japan as it is usually too oily (a lot of butter?).

Various bottles of water! Various flavors, too. It was interesting to try berries or peach flavors of Contrex.

There was a conveyor belt (same as in the US) at the casher and the clerk was sitting (they are usually standing in Japan).

パリ市内の小さいスーパー(Shoppiとか、Carrefour Expressとか)には行ったことあったけど、ハイパーはまじででかかった。。。

birthday誕生日パーティー Birthday Party

It was lucky to be able to join in the birthday party!

中央はメレンゲとフルーツのパイですが、左はTête de nègre(黒人の頭)というかなり差別的な、そして食欲減退しそうな名前で呼ばれています。名前は適切なものに変えられたようなのだけど、定着してないみたい。。あと、誕生日限定の特別なフォアグラを、兄弟で争っていたのが印象的(笑)。

The central photo is a pie with fruit and melingue, the left is called Tête de nègre(Head of black) which sounds very politically incorrect... The name seemed to be changed to an appropriate one, but it doesn't seem to be popular. Also, it was remarkable (very French!) that the brothers and sisters fought for the special foie gras which is served only on birthdays lol.

foot近くの街をお散歩 Walking around the neighbor town,
We drove to the neighbor town to take a walk. It was an old town with lots of historical buildings and pretty houses which brings you to the world of fairy tale... And the poppy flowers were in season. This red color is a color of the French flag.

こちらは近所の公園。昔はお城があったらしい。This is a pond in the park nearby. There used to be a castle there.


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