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July 17, 2009

Day5 Saint Malo 5日目 サンマロ

朝食はホテル指定のレストランで。窓一面の海で、朝日がまぶしかった!!ちなみに今回泊まったホテルは、Les Terrasse Poulardと言って、あのオムレツレストランの系列でした。なかなか良いホテルでした。
The breakfast at the restaurant of the hotel. There was a large glass window (wall?) on the ocean side and the sun was so bright in the morning. By the way, we stayed at Les Terrasse Poulard (yes, the same Poulard of the omelette!) and it was a nice hotel:-)

The destination of this day was Saint Malo in Bretagne. Mont Saint Michel stands on the edge of Normandie so it isn't that far. We could gone by train but there were not so many trains stop at Pontorson (it was like 9:00 and then 14:00...) so we went there by bus.

朝、潮が満ちてきていて、バス停ギリギリまで来てました。で、このトラック登場。通行車両のために、砂を水でどけているらしい。It was high tide in the morning and the seawater was close to the bus stop. So the truck swept away the sand which had been brought by the tide for cars and busses.

First of all, we went to Pontorson station by the same Maneo bus. The driver this time was also funny. Everytime a passenger asked him where the bus was for, he replied "Can't you read the sign in front of the bus?" and according to Carl, he was very talkative and witty. The bus left at 9:17 and arrived at the station around 9:40, then we changed the bus for Saint Malo left at 9:55 (this time it was Iris bus). It took about 1 h20min but 3 euros was a kind of cheap.
景色もブルターニュっぽくなってきました!The view from the bus window...very much like Bretagne!

The bus arrived at Saint Malo at 11:15. Since we needed to make some train reservation, we went to the railway station. What was nice for us was that we were able to leave suitcases at home and travel with less baggage. Still our baggage for one night was not that light, and as I had expectd, there was no lockers at the station and we had to bring them all day... it was hard for Carl:-p

駅から観光地までは徒歩で20~30分かかりました。。。海も近いし、こちらへ来て初めて「暑い」と感じた日でした。。。It took 20-30 minutes on foot from the station to the old city. I felt "hot" for the first time since we arrived in France.

港町って感じ。It's a port town.

城壁に囲まれています。The old city is surrounded by walls.

サンヴァンサン門から中に入ります。We entered the city from the porte St Vincent.

Saint Vincent Cathedral. It has decorations of monsters on the wall and I remember I have seen similar stuff in Germany before. The stained glasses were beautiful too!

There were many souvenir shops and fashion shops on the streets. The 80% of the city was destroyed during the war but they rebuilt it. I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't told so.

Then, we found a nice creperie where we can enjoy the view of the ocean so we had lunch there. We had a galette with mushrooms and a crepe with lemon and sugar. Yum yum... But we have to pay attention to the seaguls!!

Saint Malo was recommended by my brother-in-law. There used to be a base of pirates called corsaire who were allowed to attack British or Spanish ships by the king. I think the central picture is a statue of one of the pirates. There were many people who enjoyed swimming.
Also, Jacques Cartier who "discovered" Canada was from this town.

一通り、街をぶらついて、お土産も買って、門の辺りに戻ってきました。これはお役所(Hotel de Ville)。
We walked around the town and bought some souvenirs, then returned the gate. This is the city hall.

We walked back to the station and arrived around 16:00. It was my first ride of TGV!

レンヌを経由して、パリモンパルナス駅まで3時間ちょっとくらい。Through Rennes, it took a little more than three hours to Paris Montparnasse.

Macarons we bought in St Malo. They were broken while we were walking around though...

mamanが好きなla belle iloise(ラベルイロワーズ)の魚の缶詰も購入。
Souvenirs. Cidre is also the specialty of Bretagne, and various cidre bowls are sold there. This bowl has a name on the side and we found bowls with our names! It is very rare since our spellings are not so common here (They spell Erica in France it seems).
And we also bought canned sardines of la belle iloise which is maman's favorite.


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