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August 30, 2009

Day 11 Nimes 11日目 ニーム

We had been to the north but this time to the south! We went to Nimes in South France to see Carl's grandparents and it was one day trip (I won't recommend you should do that...). So, no sightseeing!

We left home around half past six in the morning and Papa drove us to Gare de Lyon. We got on the TGV for Avignon departed 7:50. The tickets we reserved at St. Malo were wrong ones (the SNCF lady made a mistake and retried, but she handed us the former tickets) but we didn't have time to ask at the station, so we got on the train. Then, a conductor looks like Mario (brothers) came and Carl asked him about the issue and it turned out to be fine. Well, the TGV was so empty because it was very early.

The train arrived at Lyon at about 9:40. We had the LaDuree maracons on the train.

We arrived at Avignon, the terminal, at around 11:20. We had thirty minutes until the next train so we took a small walk around the station.

Avignon seemed to be an old city. Carl said it really looks like "South France". The buildings, fields of sunflowers and lavenders... my images of South France and Province (I'm not that into South France, so I don't know very well).

The next train was local, but suddenly it started to run soooooo sloooooowly. And it was 40 minutes late. Then a punk girl walked down the aisle....she was a conductor!! Carl told me that she was joking "This train is carrying eggs! (so it's slow)" We can never see this kind of conductors in Japan...

Finally, we were in Nimes at 13:10 (supposed to be there at 12:30). When we got out, there was Grandma and then Grandpa! We already wasted time (thanks to SNCF!) so we got on Grandma's car and headed for a restaurant.

南仏ニームはすごく暑くて、日本の夏みたいでした。ここは昔ローマ帝国の街があった場所なので、コロセウムやローマ式の古い建築物があることで有名らしいです。その円形劇場は車から見ました。ちなみに、デニム発祥の地らしく、de Nimes(ニームから)からデニムになったとか。
It was so hot there, just like the summer in Japan. And Nimes was one of the Roman city and there are many old buildings from Roman Empire. We saw the colosseum from the car window. And denims originate from Nimes (de Nimes=from Nimes :denim).

おばあちゃん、道に迷いながら到着。We got lost a little but somehow found the place.
It was a restaurant inside a hotel, but the hotel is also the place for trainees who belong to the school next to the hotel. So the price was reasonable. Hors d'oeuvre buffet. There were sushi, but...

デザート。Desserts buffet.

We gave Grandpa a glass furin bell, and a big furoshiki cloth for Grandma. And they gave us a pair of cups and saucers. And it's their 60th anniversary of marriage this year, so their children and grandchildren made a memorial book for them. We read through the book and it was really wonderful. Their black and white photo, when they're young, was just like one scene from a French film. What a handsome couple! There're pages for 365 days with each family member's birthday and photos. It was really nice that there's one for me:-)

As Grandma speaks only French, we couldn't talk very much, but they do reminded me of my own grandparents and I felt very warm. And I was very glad that they welcomed me. Grandma was again lost on our way back but somehow we were able to catch our train!!

TGVからの景色。Views from TGV.

帰りの電車はリヨン(Lyon Part Dieu)乗り継ぎで、また色々遅れ、パリのリヨン駅に着いたのは夜の9時過ぎ。。。
We changed trains at Lyon Part Dieu, our trains were late again and we arrived at Gare de Lyon over 9 PM.

しつこいようだけど、これで9時過ぎ。リヨン駅もステキね。Gare de Lyon.


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