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August 15, 2009

Day 8 Brugge 8日目 ブルージュ


We were at the breakfast room in the hotel in Antwerpen and watched the news of Michael Jackson passed away on TV. We were just surprised together with a British man next to me. Many foreign people work at this kind of place (a middle class hotel) and there was an Asian mid-aged lady who looked really "powerful"? and it made me laugh when Carl asked her where the fresh juice was and was scolded by her "It's right there, look carefully".

出発 Departure
We needed to drop our baggage at the hotel in Brussels so we left early and caught an IC departed 9:03. There were many trains to Brussels (maybe because it's in the morning) which was nice. The train arrived at Brussels Central at 9:45, 5 minutes late, and we headed Marriot near Grand Place. It was early but we were able to check-in. The clerk made sure if it was OK for us to use a twin room (although we're a couple), but I think it's larger than a double room and good...

ブルージュへ to Brugge
We took an IC to Oostende departed 11:00 but it was almost full already. And the train was running very slow which made 25minute-delay and we arrived at Brugges at 12:25. Outside the station was very open and we followed other tourists to the center of the city.


ブルージュ到着 Arrived at Brugge
After 15 to 20 minute walk, we were in the city of middle ages. It was cleaner than Antwerpen and was an established sightseeing place. But there were many tourists smoking and we also bumped into a group of Latin students...annoying... Later I found that Brugge meant "bridge" in Dutch and it was also called Northern Venice.

お昼 Lunch
すぐにカフェを見つけて、ランチ。え?これじゃデザートだって?笑 ワッフルとりんごのタルト。ここのワッフルは脂っこくなくておいしかった。
We soon found a nice cafe and had lunch. Well, people may call it desserts though! A belgian waffle and an apple tarte. The waffle was not too oily and I liked it a lot.

聖母教会 Our Lady Church

カフェの目の前には聖母教会(Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk)が。残念ながら、塔は改修中。真ん中の聖母子像は、ミケランジェロの作品とのこと。イタリア以外で見られるのは珍しいのだとか。ステンドグラスもすごくキレイでした。
There's Our Lady Church in front of the cafe, but the tower was under repair:-( The sculpture of the lady and the child was created by Michelangelo and it's not very common to see his work outside Italy. I was also attracted by the stained glasses.


We saw many hydrangea at many places during the trip. The back garden of this church (maybe) was also beautiful.

マルクト広場 Markt
Again we walked for a while and arrived at Markt. The central photo is Belfort, the world heritage. And the right is the House of Province. We missed City Hall and H.Bloed-Basiliek but we were completely forgotten at that time. There're too many places to remember to visit.

チョコレート博物館 Chocolate Museum
We continued walking and found Chocolate Museum at almost the edge of the town. It's a new one and exhibits the history of chocolate (from Inca & Aztec to introduction to Europe) and its production process, chocolate statue of President Obama, and demonstration kitchen. Every 15 or 20 minutes, there's a demonstration of praline chocolate and we can taste it too. The entrance fee was 6 euros by the way.

Then Carl noticed that his sunglasses were gone and was at a petit panic. I guessed he had left them at the cafe, and we found them there.


Belfort again. There were many carriages running in the city. Watch out the stray droppings.
We shopped at Chocolate Line, the local chocolate shop but it was hot again on the day and we couldn't buy much chocolate.

帰路 Return

We passed St Salvatorskathedraal and the beautiful green park, and got back to the station.


The common language in that area is also Dutch... And it is very confusing because the names of the cities are a bit different in French and Dutch.

The train back to Brussels was full with school kids who seemed to be on their trip back to home. In Japan, there're reserved trains for school trips or they hire a bus...but here it seems they use ordinary trains. And the train was late again.

ブリュッセルで夕食 Dinner in Brussels

We returned the hotel in Brussels, and then went out for dinner. It wasn't easy to find a nice restaurant but we ended up the next restaurant of the one I used before. Carl ordered a glass of beer (cherry one) and it was the first hard drink during the trip. And it wasn't really in season but we ordered Moules and Belgian Fries. I chose Waterzooi, white cream stew with cheese. They're really good but it was impossible to finish all of them.



We were so full so we took a walk around. Grand Place was beautiful as always. I regret that it was summer and we couldn't take photos of the night view. The statue of Serclaes: it is said that it would bring good luck by touching him. But I forgot to do it again.


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