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September 10, 2009

ミシュランガイド Michelin Guide Japon

I often watch a TV program (on our local TV Kanagawa) called "Travel with Michelin! Rediscover Japon".

Two French people, Jessy and Dominique travel around Japon with Michelin guide in their hands. They are a band called Unison and sing songs in French and I knew Jessy when she appeared in NHK French language program and I like her a lot. And it's half a year course and I like the one with Jessy and Vincent the best. It's not so good this term, so I don't watch it anymore.

Dominique looks very gentle and Jessy is so cute (not only the appearance but also her character). It is also interesting that they have French points of view.

Carl has the guide too, and we also used some when we traveled France.

They visited Hakone the other day and I told Carl about it as he wasn't home at that time, the he said "I wanted to watch it! Were there black eggs?"
I remember, when our French family and friends visited Hakone, they took a looooooot of pictures of "hot spring eggs(=black eggs)" (FYI the blackness is because of sulfur contained in the hot spring there) and they bought some back. But they didn't have time to eat before they flew home so we ate them. I wonder if black eggs are such a surprise???


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