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October 19, 2009

Forget and Not Slow Down

Relient K Forget and Not Slow Down

I read in a book that listening to music like Mozart is good for a baby, but we don't have any classic CDs in our place. I listen to Rock and Punk as usual... too bad?

Relient Kはメロディーこそロックですが、クリスチャンロックとも言われ、中身は安全(?)です。また、彼らは私と同年代なので、一緒に成長してる感もあります。今回はジャケットも中身も、大人ロックな感じがします。
Relient K sings rock music but they are also called Christian Rock and the lyrics are always clean. And I like them very much as they are almost as old as me and I feel like we are growing up together. This album sounded adult (matured) and so looks the jacket.

アルバムのタイトルにもなっている、一曲目Forget and Not Slow Downは励まされるというか、前向きな歌ですごく好き。サビは『忘れちゃって、突っ走ろう 今変えることができないことを後悔するより』というような意味で、そうだそうだ!と思いました。
The first track Forget and Not Slow Down, which is also the title of the album, is very encouraging and positive. They sing " I'd rather forget and not slow down / Than gather regret for the things I can't change now" and I really agree with it!

また、気になったのが、最後の曲This Is The End (If You Want It)なのですが、歌の中に「日本」が出て来て、「え?」と。
There was something interesting about the final track This Is The End (If You Want it), in which they sing "Japan".

"That's it I said it now I'm sailing off to Neverland and then Japan"

「ネバーランド、それから日本へ船をこいで行く」???ネバーランドの次ってところから、今の先進国なイメージの日本というより、スウィフトの「ガリバー旅行記」やマルコ・ポーロの「東方見聞録」に出てくるような、未知の国の頃のイメージなのかなぁ?と思いました。Relient Kはまだライブで聴いたことがないので、是非「飛行機で」日本に来て欲しいです。
ちなみに、カールおじさんは "Netherlands and then Japan"と勘違いしていました。。。オランダの後日本って、、、鎖国時代??
Neverland and then Japan??? I guess they meant Japan not as current developed country but as a mysterious country that appears in Swift's "Gulliver's Travels" or "The Travels of Marco Polo". Well, I haven't been to their gig so I hope they come to Japan maybe by plane.
By the way, Carl thought "Netherlands and then Japan"... why?


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hello sweetie...
just a quick letter...I am busy with sick kids..
you can listen to classical music on youtube. Just look it up!
Take care, and dont get sick...keep warm!

Posted by: Rane | October 20, 2009 at 06:14 AM

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that...
Here, flu alert has been announced which scares me.
Take care of yourself, too!

Posted by: Erika | October 22, 2009 at 01:40 PM

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