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October 2009

October 30, 2009

Sorry for Partyin'

Bowling For Soup Sorry for Partyin'

I bought it at iTunes Music Store but there seems to be several versions not only import or Japan ver. I like their pop and fun music but their lyrics are mostly explicit and dirty as you can see from the jacket. And it's like...here they come again!

先行シングルのMy Wenaは聴いてる分には大丈夫(?)ですが、ビデオは開いた口がふさがらないお下品さ・・・YouTubeの公式サイトには、"Clean Version"もアップされていますが。でもついつい口ずさんでしまう、楽しい曲です。
My Wena, the first single from the album, sounded OK, but once I watched the video...it made my jaw dropped. They also uploaded the "Clean Version" on their official YouTube. The song itself is catchy.

個人的にちょっと好きなのは、BFFF。同性の親友への歌という感じなのですが、歌詞がちょっとウケる。My favorite is "BFFF", which is like a song for a best friend. The lyrics are funny.

"I'm trying to say I love you in a heterosexual way"
"You'll tell the world I'm gay when you hear me say...
Not that there's anything wrong with being gay"

Girls often use "love" with their female friends, but guys may pay more attention when they use that word to their male friends??

他にもビール好きの彼ららしいHooray for Beerとか、楽しい曲がいっぱいでした。
Anyways, it's a nice album:-)

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October 27, 2009

オーブンフル稼働の結果 Our microwave oven


Maman gave us this package of bread flour when we visited France. It was a kind of worrying to bring back "white powder" in your baggage though :-p

The instruction suggests that it's easier to use a machine, but we don't have any so I did it with my "main(hand)". It only requires water, and some fermentation, and then bake in the oven.

Yum yum. It was crispy outside!

To use the heated oven again...
Baked sweet potatoes! I think the best way is to bake them! So sweet.
I heard there's no sweet potato in France (they have now I guess). We call a sweet potato "satsuma-imo": satsuma is an old name of Kagoshima in Kyusyu, and imo is a potato. But "satsuma" stands for a mikan (mandarin) in English so it is a bit complicated.

その日の夕飯はグラタン。Gratin for the dinner.

After the series of use of the oven, it started to make some strange noise.... So I got a repair guy soon but he said it needed two days to repair in their repairing center... It's just the noise and nothing wrong with other functions though. It's only an year old!!

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October 19, 2009

Forget and Not Slow Down

Relient K Forget and Not Slow Down

I read in a book that listening to music like Mozart is good for a baby, but we don't have any classic CDs in our place. I listen to Rock and Punk as usual... too bad?

Relient Kはメロディーこそロックですが、クリスチャンロックとも言われ、中身は安全(?)です。また、彼らは私と同年代なので、一緒に成長してる感もあります。今回はジャケットも中身も、大人ロックな感じがします。
Relient K sings rock music but they are also called Christian Rock and the lyrics are always clean. And I like them very much as they are almost as old as me and I feel like we are growing up together. This album sounded adult (matured) and so looks the jacket.

アルバムのタイトルにもなっている、一曲目Forget and Not Slow Downは励まされるというか、前向きな歌ですごく好き。サビは『忘れちゃって、突っ走ろう 今変えることができないことを後悔するより』というような意味で、そうだそうだ!と思いました。
The first track Forget and Not Slow Down, which is also the title of the album, is very encouraging and positive. They sing " I'd rather forget and not slow down / Than gather regret for the things I can't change now" and I really agree with it!

また、気になったのが、最後の曲This Is The End (If You Want It)なのですが、歌の中に「日本」が出て来て、「え?」と。
There was something interesting about the final track This Is The End (If You Want it), in which they sing "Japan".

"That's it I said it now I'm sailing off to Neverland and then Japan"

「ネバーランド、それから日本へ船をこいで行く」???ネバーランドの次ってところから、今の先進国なイメージの日本というより、スウィフトの「ガリバー旅行記」やマルコ・ポーロの「東方見聞録」に出てくるような、未知の国の頃のイメージなのかなぁ?と思いました。Relient Kはまだライブで聴いたことがないので、是非「飛行機で」日本に来て欲しいです。
ちなみに、カールおじさんは "Netherlands and then Japan"と勘違いしていました。。。オランダの後日本って、、、鎖国時代??
Neverland and then Japan??? I guess they meant Japan not as current developed country but as a mysterious country that appears in Swift's "Gulliver's Travels" or "The Travels of Marco Polo". Well, I haven't been to their gig so I hope they come to Japan maybe by plane.
By the way, Carl thought "Netherlands and then Japan"... why?

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October 16, 2009

Macarons: I'm getting closer


I found a bag of almond powder which was best before mid October, so I baked macarons chocolat. There were some cracks on the surface but it was the best I have ever baked! Perhaps it was because it is less humid now and I learned some tips and balances of the ingredients from the book....

I bought it at fnac in France during the last trip. Although there're many photos, it is (of course) written in French so I haven't finished reading...


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October 15, 2009

肉じゃが&炊き込みご飯 Nikujaga & Takikomi gohan


It is said that nikujaga (niku=meat, jaga-imo=potato) would be the best dish to attract a guy's attention in Japan but I wonder who said that? Anyway, I just wanted to eat it so I cooked it.

○炊き込みご飯 Takikomi gohan (rice)
干ししいたけ 3個 Three dried shiitake mushrooms
にんじん 1本 A carrot
顆粒だし 小さじ1 A teaspoonful of powdered dashi
しょうゆ 小さじ1 A teaspoonful of soy sauce
酒  大さじ1 A tablespoonful of sake
米 2合 Two cups of rice (*for rice, a cup=150g)

○肉じゃが Nikujaga
牛切り落とし 200g of sliced (small pieces) beef
じゃがいも 3~4個 Three to four potatoes
たまねぎ 中1個 A middle sized onion
顆粒だし 小さじ1と1/2 One and half teaspoonful of powdered dashi
砂糖 大さじ1弱 A little less than table spoonful of sugar
酒 大さじ2 Two tablespoonful of sake
しょうゆ 大さじ3 Three tablespoonful of soy sauce
みりん 大さじ2 Two tablespoonful of mirin

1) 干ししいたけは洗ってから数時間、冷蔵庫で水にもどしておく。お急ぎの場合は電子レンジで。いいダシが出るので、生より干ししいたけのが好き。
Wash the dried shiitake mushrooms and leave them in a bowl of water in a fridge for several hours. If you're in a hurry, use a microwave. I prefer dried ones as they make good soup.

2) しいたけは柄を切ったら細切りに。にんじんも細切りにする。といだお米をお釜に入れ、しいたけの戻し汁を加え、酒、だし、しょうゆを入れたら2合分の目盛りまで足りない分は水を加える。しいたけとにんじんをのせ、しばらくおいておく。
Cut the stem of shiitake and slice. Slice the carrot, too. Wash the rice and put it in a rice cooker pot, add the dried shiitake water, sake, dashi and soy sauce and add water so that the whole amount of the water will be 360cc (1.3 times more than the amount of the rice). Put the shiitake and the carrot over it, leave it for a while.

3) その間に肉じゃがを作る。じゃがいもは皮をむいて4等分くらいに切る。たまねぎはくし切り。
Cook Nikujaga while leaving the rice. Peel the potatoes and cut in four pieces each. Slice the onion, too.

4) フライパンに油をひいて熱し、中火でたまねぎ、牛肉を炒める。たまねぎがしんなり透明に、牛肉の赤みがなくなってきたら、じゃがいもを入れる。
Spread some oil on a frying pan and heat. Fry the onion and the beef with a mid-flame. Put the potatoes when the onion gets a little transparent and the beef turns brown.

5) 水はひたひたくらい、だし、しょうゆ、酒、砂糖を加える。
Add some water so that the ingredients are barely covered. Add dashi, soy sauce, sake and sugar.

6) キッチンペーパーで落としぶたし、15分〜20分くらい煮汁がなくなるまで煮込んだら火を止めてそのまま置いておく。そろそろ炊飯器のスイッチを入れる。
Cover with a sheet of cooking paper (which gathers extra oil and broth) and boil for 15 to 20 minutes until the water almost dries up. Stop heating and leave it for a while. Switch on the rice cooker.

7) ご飯が炊けました。The rice has cooked.

8) 肉じゃがは食べる前に再度火にかけ、みりんを加えて混ぜる。味見して調整。
Heat the Nikujaga again before you eat and add mirin then. Taste and add some seasoning if you like.

I like Nikujaga with very soft onion and a little melting potato!

Our seasoning might be weak. We prefer to enjoy the taste of each ingredients.

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October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkins from Hokkaido are cheap now and I baked pumpkin cookies:-)

*Ingredients (about 30 pieces)*

かぼちゃ(皮なし)Pumpkin(peeled) 180g
小麦粉 Flour 200g
マーガリン Margarine 100g
砂糖 Sugar 60g
たまご An egg 1個
ベーキングパウダー 小さじ1
A teaspoonful of baking soda

Cook the pumpkin (microwave or boil) and mash it. I used the leftover of the previous dinner so it was sugar-and-soysauce flavor...

Soften the margarine (microwave or leave for a while) and add the sugar. Mix them well.

Add the egg, mix and then the pumpkin.

Shift the flour and the baking soda together and add to the dough. Knead the dough well and leave in the fridge for at least an hour (with plastic wrap).

Spread some flour on a board and roll out the dough. Stamp out the shapes with cookie cutters.

Bake in the oven preheated to 160 degree C for 20-25 minutes.


Halloween is in the end of this month. I bought these cookie cutters in the states about 10 years ago. They can be used only once in a year but very cute.

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October 08, 2009

残念な日本語たち "Japanese" during the trip

We can find some "weird French" in Japan, and also, "weird Japanese" in foreign countries.

A sandwich bag of French bakery PAUL. Bravo France! They use transparent paper.... This is obviously plastic but the mark says "paper". I guess they can't use this "wrong" one in Japan so they use in France...maybe.
The right symbol is below:

A postcard I bought at Notre Dame in Antwerpern, Belgium. There were many products of "A Dog of Flanders" sold in the church...
Nello...what happened to the letter "llo"?

You can find this plate at the entrance of Our Lady Church in Brugge, Belgium. I can understand the writer tried very hard...

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October 07, 2009

おでん Oden

It's very cool this week.
The best dinner for a cool day... Oden (Japanese pot au feu) with the Le Creuset pot!


The ingredients of Oden vary in each family and area. My (originally from my mom and grandma...) Oden is as follows:

clover練り物/揚げ物 boiled & fried pastes
There are many kinds and you can buy one by one or a package of several kinds (I usually buy the latter because it's easier and cheaper). They are mostly pasted (mashed) and then fried fish meat or tofu. My best favorite is a small ball of fried fish meat (sometimes with chopped carrot). And another must ingredient is chikuwa (baked fish paste).

cloverたまご Eggs
cloverじゃがいも Potatoes
clover大根 Radish
cloverこんにゃく Konnyaku (a kind of jelly made of konjak plant)
cloverこんぶ Kombu (seaweed)
cloverはんぺん Hampen (boiled fish&potato paste)
はんぺんはカールおじさんも大好き。Carl's favorite.
cloverちくわぶ Chikuwa-bu
カールおじさん『これって、ちく・・・び?』 ちゃんと覚えろ!annoy
This is a kind of pasta whose shape is like chikuwa. Fu/bu is a food made of flour and chikiwa means "bamboo ring". I heard that people don't put it in oden in West Japan which surprised me. Carl asked me if its name was "chiku-bi" which means nipples in Japanese...CHIKUWA-BU!

1) 大根は2~3センチの厚さに輪切りにして、皮をむいて十字に隠し包丁。かなり派手に入れてるので、隠れてないですが。。。この方が食べやすいかと思って。お水に顆粒だしを加えた鍋に入れて下ゆで。
Cut radish in 2-3cm thick, peel and add a cross-shaped cut. Boil in a pot with water and powdered dashi (soup).

2) じゃがいもも皮をむいて半分に切って、一緒に下ゆで。Peel and cut potatoes in half and boil with the radish.

3) 大きい鍋におでんのつゆを作ります。おでんのセットについてる場合はそれを使うけど、そうでない場合は、だし汁にしょうゆ3:砂糖1:酒1と塩少々。
Prepare oden soup in a bigger pot. I use the soup which comes with the oden package but if there's none, dashi soup + soy sauce3:sugar1:sake1 and some salt.

4) 大根とじゃがいもはだいたい煮えたら、こんぶとおでん鍋に移し、下ゆでの残り湯でゆで卵を作ります。
When the radish and potatoes are about 70% boiled, move into the oden pot with kombu. Boil eggs in the former pot.

5) 揚げ物は湯通しして油を軽く落とし、ちくわぶ、ちくわは切っておく。
Pour hot water over the fries to get rid of extra oil and cut chikuwa-bu and chikwa.
Left: chikuwa-bu Right: chikuwa

6) たまごは10分ほどゆでたら、殻を取っておでん鍋に投入。揚げ物、ちくわぶ等も加え、弱火〜中火で10分ほどゆでる。
After boiling the eggs for 10 minutes, remove the shell and put them into the oden pot. Add fries and chikuwa, chikuwa-bu and keep heating with low-middle flame for about 10 minutes.

7) はんぺんも切って、最後に投入。更に5分ほどゆでる。
Cut hampen and put in the oden pot. Heat for 5 more minutes.


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October 06, 2009




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October 05, 2009

親権 L'autorité parentale

"Carl" and "Erika" got divorced in the game world, and I remembered an article about the child custody in France. I made some research (in French!!) the other day.

In conclusion, the systems of child custody in France and Japan are different, so it would create troubles when Franco-Japanese couple splits up.

Under Japanese Civil Law, one of the parents has the child custody. The court judges when they fight over the custody, but usually mothers win (there's a kind of belief that children should be happier with their mother) in Japan. So those who lost the custody may not be able to see their kids if their ex doesn't allow them to.

In France, on the other hand, it's a "shared" custody. Both the parents keep the right almost forever except for some cases such as one of the parents commits some crime etc.... And the one who doesn't raise the child has a right to see him/her or kids the child may live with the mother for a week and with the father for another.

ちなみに、私の電子辞書の日仏辞典で「親権」をひいたら、puissance paternelleと出ました。これは「父権」とも言うべきで、伝統的家長(=父)制度における父親の絶対的権力ですが、1970年には母も含めた「親権」autorité parentaleに変わったということです。改正以前の民法Code Civil (=ナポレオン法典)では、妻/母の地位はものすごく低かったのですね。。。
By the way, I looked up my digital Japanese-French dictionary for "child custody" and found "puissance paternelle". It can be translated into "paternal right", which permitted the absolute authority of the father in a traditional family system, but it was replaced by parental right which includes mothers. The status of mothers and wives were very low before the reform of Code Civill (Napoleon) (it was the same in Japan:-( )

Thus, laws on child custody (parental right) are different in each nations and it causes many troubles when an international couple gets divorced. I read that some Japanese women who married and then broke up with a French man or Canadian etc... took their kids back to Japan without permission and wouldn't let the fathers to see the kids. There was also a big news that a Russian women "kidnapped" her child from her French ex-husband in France.

To deal with these problems, there are some items on child custody in Hague Conference on Private International Law (by the way, apostille, which we used during marriage process is under the agreement called Hague Convention, but a bit different it seems) but Japan doesn't ratify them. And I found an article at the website of French embassy:
Symposium sur l’Enlèvement International d’Enfants au Japon

But these laws (agreements) were ratified only by Western nations and other Asian countries have not accepted yet either (so the same "kidnapping "thing happens between Japanese men and Asian women) . Japan seems to hesitate to ratify since the Civil Law might be necessary to be revised and it is not certain if the Japanese women who escape from domestic violence can be protected under that agreements. I think family systems are different in Western countries and in Asia so it can be dangerous to accept the agreements which may not fit our society.

Myself, the best thing is not to cause custody problem. Marriage is not a goal of romantic relationship but a partnership to build a new family for me from the beginning. To split is the last thing I would ever want to do especially when we have a child.

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October 02, 2009


I enjoy Nintendo DSi and its software Tomodachi Collection everyday. My mother also got the software seeing my playing and we exchange Mii and stuff.

My mother has less male friends so I advised her "You can add your favorite idle then" and she did so!! She has been a big fan of the idle since she was a teenager and she even stopped "her friend" from contacting "him" in the game.lol

My side, the friends make friends freely and sometimes one steals her best friend's boyfriend and "my mother" stole "my sister's boyfriend"!!! That's too bad...

And "Erika" and "Carl" were together, got married and went to France for honeymoon which was exactly the same as the real world, but they got divorced in a week or so..... They had a fight and "Erika" apologized "Carl" but he didn't forgive her!! So she went to France again for her refreshment.
しかも、『カールおじさん』がこんな格好の時に離婚した。。。(まわしです)。"Carl" was in this costume when they got divorced...(it's a sumo costume).

It made me so bad, the divorce thing, but I learn from the game and will try not to take him for granted in the real world.

現実のトモダチ以外を登録することは躊躇していたのですが、この出来事には思った以上に凹んだので、私の大好きなバンドSimple Planのメンバー5人を一気に投入し、『えりか』にも次の人を見つけてもらおうと(笑)まだお友達にすらなっていませんが、占いではメンバーの1人と最高の相性なので、今後に期待ですheart04
I hesitated to register not-real-friends but this time I was so disappointed and added members of my favorite band Simple Plan (five people) at once hoping "Erika" will soon find the next one! They haven't even been friends yet but according to the fortune-telling, "one of the member" and "Erika" will make a great couple!
By the way, Carl created my Mii so please don't tell me it doesn't look like me....

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