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October 15, 2009

肉じゃが&炊き込みご飯 Nikujaga & Takikomi gohan


It is said that nikujaga (niku=meat, jaga-imo=potato) would be the best dish to attract a guy's attention in Japan but I wonder who said that? Anyway, I just wanted to eat it so I cooked it.

○炊き込みご飯 Takikomi gohan (rice)
干ししいたけ 3個 Three dried shiitake mushrooms
にんじん 1本 A carrot
顆粒だし 小さじ1 A teaspoonful of powdered dashi
しょうゆ 小さじ1 A teaspoonful of soy sauce
酒  大さじ1 A tablespoonful of sake
米 2合 Two cups of rice (*for rice, a cup=150g)

○肉じゃが Nikujaga
牛切り落とし 200g of sliced (small pieces) beef
じゃがいも 3~4個 Three to four potatoes
たまねぎ 中1個 A middle sized onion
顆粒だし 小さじ1と1/2 One and half teaspoonful of powdered dashi
砂糖 大さじ1弱 A little less than table spoonful of sugar
酒 大さじ2 Two tablespoonful of sake
しょうゆ 大さじ3 Three tablespoonful of soy sauce
みりん 大さじ2 Two tablespoonful of mirin

1) 干ししいたけは洗ってから数時間、冷蔵庫で水にもどしておく。お急ぎの場合は電子レンジで。いいダシが出るので、生より干ししいたけのが好き。
Wash the dried shiitake mushrooms and leave them in a bowl of water in a fridge for several hours. If you're in a hurry, use a microwave. I prefer dried ones as they make good soup.

2) しいたけは柄を切ったら細切りに。にんじんも細切りにする。といだお米をお釜に入れ、しいたけの戻し汁を加え、酒、だし、しょうゆを入れたら2合分の目盛りまで足りない分は水を加える。しいたけとにんじんをのせ、しばらくおいておく。
Cut the stem of shiitake and slice. Slice the carrot, too. Wash the rice and put it in a rice cooker pot, add the dried shiitake water, sake, dashi and soy sauce and add water so that the whole amount of the water will be 360cc (1.3 times more than the amount of the rice). Put the shiitake and the carrot over it, leave it for a while.

3) その間に肉じゃがを作る。じゃがいもは皮をむいて4等分くらいに切る。たまねぎはくし切り。
Cook Nikujaga while leaving the rice. Peel the potatoes and cut in four pieces each. Slice the onion, too.

4) フライパンに油をひいて熱し、中火でたまねぎ、牛肉を炒める。たまねぎがしんなり透明に、牛肉の赤みがなくなってきたら、じゃがいもを入れる。
Spread some oil on a frying pan and heat. Fry the onion and the beef with a mid-flame. Put the potatoes when the onion gets a little transparent and the beef turns brown.

5) 水はひたひたくらい、だし、しょうゆ、酒、砂糖を加える。
Add some water so that the ingredients are barely covered. Add dashi, soy sauce, sake and sugar.

6) キッチンペーパーで落としぶたし、15分〜20分くらい煮汁がなくなるまで煮込んだら火を止めてそのまま置いておく。そろそろ炊飯器のスイッチを入れる。
Cover with a sheet of cooking paper (which gathers extra oil and broth) and boil for 15 to 20 minutes until the water almost dries up. Stop heating and leave it for a while. Switch on the rice cooker.

7) ご飯が炊けました。The rice has cooked.

8) 肉じゃがは食べる前に再度火にかけ、みりんを加えて混ぜる。味見して調整。
Heat the Nikujaga again before you eat and add mirin then. Taste and add some seasoning if you like.

I like Nikujaga with very soft onion and a little melting potato!

Our seasoning might be weak. We prefer to enjoy the taste of each ingredients.


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