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November 04, 2009

ビーフシチュー Beef Stew

It's getting cold suddenly.
The microwave oven has been repaired and I baked the (french) bread again. With that bread, I cooked beef stew.


I ate beef stew at my parents' the other day and thought I would cook it at home. My mother uses a pressure cooker so beef turns so soft. I only have a Le Creuset so not that soft...
The ingredients are: beef, carrots, potatoes, onions, pumpkins and edamame.

The bread is too good with the stew sauce!

It's not easy for me (and it will be harder after the baby is born) to do grocery shopping now, so I use delivery service of an organization called CO-OP. We don't have to pay the regular charge during the pregnancy and until the baby turns 12 months old. They also have a special food catalog for babies and I think it will be a great help much later. I bought a box of Hokkaido potatoes which are very good.


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