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November 2009

November 27, 2009

最近の食卓 À table

We bought pears (called La France) so I baked tarte aux poires. Just spread frozen pie sheet and put peeled & cut pears. No sugar, but it's sweet enough. I love Japanese pears and they're quite different from western pears. I tried La France a few weeks ago for the first time (maybe I have had some before at restaurants but never bought it), and thought it's more like a peach. For Carl as a French, the name of the pear sounded weird.
Tarte aux Poires

Sanma is a famous autumn fish. We can eat as sashimi, but I try to cook(heat) since I got pregnant.
しょうゆ、みりんを各小さじ2、酒大さじ1、すりおろし生姜を少々。Cooked with two teaspoonful of soy sauce and mirin (each), a tablespoonful of sake and mashed ginger.

The uncle and aunts who visited Japan the other day brought us a loooooooot of presents for us (from them and the other members of the family in France).

Saucisson and Raclette cheese. Both are tasty and smelly. But sausisson contains a lot of fat and salt so not pregnant-woman-friendly. It was made of a wild pig meat so I really wanted to try. Cheeses are picky, too. But this Raclette, according to the nutrition fact, they used sterilized milk so I had some with baguette. The room got so stinky but it tasted good.

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November 19, 2009

カールおじさんに質問 Interview with Carl

I found there are so many articles on my blog and categories are not always appropriate, so I re-organized a bit. I created new categories "Yokohama" and "France".

Recently, I got a lot of comments from my friends that they think Carl's blog was interesting and he is very grateful to that. BUT as you can see, he doesn't update very often...

So, for those who have been waiting for his new post (??) I'll present some Q&A between us: questions about France from me and answers from Carl as a French man. Please note that they're just some opinions of a French man and can not be generalized.


Q:なんでフランスではサービスが悪いの? Why services are bad in France?
Not that bad. It depends on how you talk to the shop staff. We don't have tipping custom that much so their attitude doesn't really affect their wage. Foreigners could be treated not so great since they're not sure if the foreign customers come back again.

My Opinion: I don't think you can say "not that bad" as long as they change their attitude depending on how to talk to them. It's true their attitude turns better when we use French words such as "bonjour", "s'il vous plait" and "merci". Carl didn't tip that much during the last trip which surprised me. Some Japanese tourists believes we should tip like in US or UK so they tend to tip too much in France.

Q:お店で働いている人がタトゥー、ピアス、化粧、服装等々かなり自由だけど、気にならないの? People working at shops and even stations have tattoos, piercing, heavy make-ups wear what they like etc... Is it OK?
Not a problem. Except for banks and other financial institutes.

My Opinion: An airport staff had purple hair and also put on heavy purple make-up, a McDonalds crew was like a bass player in SUM41 (punk band), an SNCF lady was like a punk girl.... People working at these kind of places in Japan never have such appearance. It's nothing wrong, but I can't help hesitate to talk to them for their looks.

Q:なんで毎日電車が遅れるの? trainWhy trains are always late?
SNCF used to be the best in Europe...but maybe for strikes?

Q:遅延証明は出るの? Is "delay proof" issued?
I often used car so I don't know. Some students stay a night before an entrance examination in the campus (or where the exam takes place).

My Opinion: The reason of the delay of public transportations is not clear. Is it the problem with the schedule or the drivers? I know there are muuuuuuuuch more strikes there. It's not great that customers have to take some plan to avoid the problem. I'm not sure if there is "delay proof" in France. It is a piece of paper which is given to passengers who was on a delayed train. You can hand the paper to your teacher, boss etc.. to prove that it's not your fault to be late for school or work and so on. For your information, when your train stops for long, you may use other lines which take you to your destination for free in Japan.

Can be continued..? If you have any questions to Carl, feel free to post:-)

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November 16, 2009

洋食キムラ@野毛 Youshoku Restaurant Kimura (Noge)

Youshoku means "Western food" but actually it is "Japanized Western food". I really like this type of restaurant and Kimura is my best favorite, where I wanted to visit with Carl.

When I was at high school, my friend took me there and I have been a big fan since then.

Noge is the hill side of Sakuragicho station and not so many tourists visit there since the development of Minato Mirai bay area. There is the shrine that my family visited for New Year's prayer, Noge zoo where my father took me to when I was small, and Yokohama Central library where I visited quite often for my high school thesis. I must say that this area is not always clean and safe as there is a gambling place.

The restaurant appeared on TV recently and I worried if it's too crowded but luckily we didn't wait for long:-)

Crab cream croquette, gratin...etc they sounds so delicious but I always order salisbury steak (we call it hamburg) with bread.

プチサラダ。ドレッシングがまた美味しい。ドレッシングは購入できます。Small salad. The dressing is very good. They also sell it by a bottle.

The steak and bread. It's a very soft bread (pain au lait) heated and melting butter inside. I also love this bread and it is so good with the sauce and egg. I think they also have take-out menus.

Carl ordered rice and beef curry and we shared them. Yum yum.

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November 04, 2009

ビーフシチュー Beef Stew

It's getting cold suddenly.
The microwave oven has been repaired and I baked the (french) bread again. With that bread, I cooked beef stew.


I ate beef stew at my parents' the other day and thought I would cook it at home. My mother uses a pressure cooker so beef turns so soft. I only have a Le Creuset so not that soft...
The ingredients are: beef, carrots, potatoes, onions, pumpkins and edamame.

The bread is too good with the stew sauce!

It's not easy for me (and it will be harder after the baby is born) to do grocery shopping now, so I use delivery service of an organization called CO-OP. We don't have to pay the regular charge during the pregnancy and until the baby turns 12 months old. They also have a special food catalog for babies and I think it will be a great help much later. I bought a box of Hokkaido potatoes which are very good.

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