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December 2009

December 24, 2009

Christmas Cake ver.2009

Joyeux Noel! クリスマスイブです。

It's not easy for me to hang out this year so we can't go to the church:-( Instead, we will have a little party at home, for the first time at our apartment. I already baked Christmas cake yesterday. I revised the recipe this year and I baked two test cakes before Christmas... maybe I gained some weight for that.

cake18センチ丸形1個分 for 18cm round cake moldcake

マーガリン 120g of Margarine
さとう 70g of Sugar
小麦粉 250g of flour
ベーキングパウダー 小さじ2 2 teaspoonful of baking powder
卵 3個 3 eggs
板チョコ 3枚(210g) 210g of chocolate
ドライフルーツ、くるみ お好みで Dried fruits and nuts, as you like it
ラム酒 Rum

I always use Meiji Milk Chocolate. Dried fruits were put in a jar of rum for a week. If you don't do it, add 3 tablespoonful of rum when you bake the cake.

下ごしらえ Preparation
Shift flour and baking powder together. Leave eggs and margarine in the room temperature.

1) ボウルにマーガリンとさとうを入れて混ぜます。(マーガリンはちょっとだけ電子レンジで溶かしました)。Put margarine and sugar in a bowl and mix together (I used microwave to melt margarine a bit).

2) ラムフルーツとクルミには小麦粉(後で混ぜる分から少し取って)をまぶしておく。Mix rummed fruits and nuts with flour (take some from the one which will be added later).

3) マーガリンとさとうに卵を加えて混ぜます。Add eggs to the bowl of margarine and sugar and beat.

4) さらにフルーツを加えて軽く混ぜたら、小麦粉を数回に分けて混ぜます。Add the fruits and mix briefly. Then add flour and mix well.

5) ケーキ型に入れて、数回落とし、へらで表面をならします。焼き具合はオーブンによるのですが、我が家のオーブンではケーキメニュー(スチーム)で焼いてから、170℃で10〜15分焼きました。だいたい170℃〜180℃で1時間弱といったところ。
Pour the dough into a cake mold and drop for a few times. Smooth the surface. It's up to your oven but in my case, I used our microwave's automatic menu (cake/steam) and then baked 10-15 minutes at 170 degree C. Maybe about less than an hour at 170-180 C.

6) 一番厚いところに串を刺して何もついて来なければOK。このケーキテスターは夏にブリュッセルのキッチン雑貨屋さんで買ったもの♪重宝しています。
The cake is done if you stick a cake tester into the thickest spot and it comes out with nothing. I bought this tester at a kitchenware store in Brussels this past summer;-)

7) あら熱を取って、でこぼこの部分を切り落としたら逆さまにします。Cool it for a while and cut out the expanded surface then put it upside down.

8) チョコレートを溶かします。できればテンパリングします。Melt chocolates. It would be better to do tempering.

9) ケーキにチョコレートを塗って、冷やしてできあがり。今年はオトナだけなので、デコレーションなし。Spread chocolates on the cake then cool it in a fridge and enjoy! No decoration as there're only "adults" this year.

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December 07, 2009

Saint Nocolas and Santons 聖ニコラと小さな聖人

It was Saint Nicolas Day yesterday (6th December). It's nothing to do with St. Nick but we decorated Santons which our family in France gave us. There are more and more dolls and we saw the similar one at the church last year.

Crèche de Noël(クレッシュ・ドゥ・ノエル)というらしいです。キリスト誕生の場面を再現しています。とりあえず、うちには牛とロバとマリア様、ヨゼフがいて、クリスマスになったら赤ちゃんのキリストを出すらしい。あと、1月にはラクダも。後ろにいる男女はアルザスの民族衣装を着ている人で、また別の種類。右にいる男性は、『あの酒持った人誰?酔っぱらい?』とカールおじさんに聞いたら、『市長さんだよ!!pout酒・・・じゃなくてランプ!!』と怒られました。
It is called Crèche de Noël and it represents the scene of Christ's birth. We have a cow, a donkey , Virgin Mary, Joseph and we will put baby Jesus on the Christmas day and a camel in early January. The couple on the left side is in traditional Alsace costume (not really related to the other dolls) and the man on the right side is a mayor who has a lantern not a bottle of whiskybleah


カール『少年』だった頃はルクセンブルグに住んでいて、そこでは学校に聖ニコラがやって来たのだとか。同時に、全身黒ずくめの『ムチおじさん』(Père Fouettard)も来て、悪い子はムチで打たれるらしい(もちろん、現代の学校ではおしかりを受ける程度で、実際にムチで打たれたりはしないけれど)。サンタクロースも、いい子にプレゼントくれるんだもんね。

Saint Nicolas is said to be a model of Santa Clause. In France, the celebration is up to regions: in the family of Carl's papa, they celebrated it maman's didn't. When Carl was small, he and his brother and sisters used to put their slippers in front of the fire place and they found candies or books on the slippers in the following morning. But it's really close to Christmas so the celebration wasn't a big one it seemed.

And when he was young, his family lived in Luxembourg and Saint Nicolas visited schools to praise good boys and girls. At the same time, a man in black called Père Fouettard also came and scolded bad students (he's supposed to whip but not nowadays).

It was at night when we remembered Saint Nicolas Day yesterday and we were just eating tangerines for dessert. In fact, the tangerine is one of the things that Saint Nick gives to people:-)

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December 03, 2009

アドベントカレンダー Calendrier de l'Avent

It's December already! We started preparing for the Christmas!

去年、フランスの家族にもらったアドベント(待降)カレンダー。フランス語では、カロンドリエ ドゥ ラバン?発音難しい。。。
Our family in France sent us the advent calendar last year. In French, Calendrier de l'Avent, which is very difficult to pronounce.


There are pockets for December 1st to 24th. At Carl's home, they put chocolates in the pockets and eat one by one everyday. It must be so fun for kids!

同じく義母が先日くれたJeff de Brugesのチョコレートをポケットに入れて行きました。
We put the chocolates which maman sent us into the pockets.


おのおの、アルミに包んで。Wrapping in foil...

But the chocolates are too big for the pockets:-p

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