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February 25, 2010

子供が生まれたら・・・ Naissance d’un enfant


chick国籍について La nationalité

As we have different nationality, our children will be also involved in a little bit of trouble of nationality. In Japan, we adapt "jus sanguinis" of the father or the mother (if either of the parents is a Japanese, the child will be a Japanese). In France, it is basically the same, but they seem to allow "jus soli" (the nationality is determined by the place of birth) in some cases. By the way, only a child of a Japanese father could be a Japanese many years ago in Japan...I would like to claim that it is certain who the mother is, but not sure who the father is (until the DNA test)!!! Many middle eastern countries are using this "father-priority" way.

chick日本の役所への届け出 Declaration to the local government of Japan

So our baby has a right to be a French and a Japanese. However, Japan doesn't allow double nationality so if he choose to be a French, he has to abandon his Japanese nationality. The decision has to be done by the time he turns 22 years old. We would like him to decide his nationality (and religion, too) by himself so we will declare "reservation of the nationality" in three months from his birth. It seems we can just note that we would like the nationality to be reserved on the Registration of a Birth with our sign and stamp.

The right half of this Registration of a Birth is the Certification of a Birth which is written by the doctor. We need two copies as we have to hand one to the French embassy. (I have to ask the doctor!!). The Registration of a Birth must be handed in to the city hall in 14 days from the birth of a baby. I will ask Carl to go but we have to be careful not to miswrite the kanji of our baby!! (Because when my grandfather went to hand in the registration of my mother's birth, he forgot the kanji they had decided for her name and wrote completely wrong ones although the pronunciation is the same).

chickフランス大使館への届け出 Déclaration de naissance d'un enfant à l'Ambassade de France

フランス大使館へは、誕生から30日以内に届け出する必要があります。戸籍担当者(l'officier de l'etat civil)と面会の約束を取っていかなきゃいけないみたいで、、、カールおじさん、がんばれ!!(東京に出て来られない在日フランス人もいるだろうから、郵送とかの方法もあるみたいだけど、できれば行った方がはやい)。
We have to declare the birth of the baby in 30 days to the embassy of France in Japan. We also have to make an appointment with an officer which sounds very troublesome...(Thank you Carl, in advance:-p). Of course there are French people who live far from Tokyo and it seems they can use postal services, but it would be easier and faster to visit the embassy).

In addition, "for those who want to give the names which are not declared to the Japanese local government" it seems to be necessary to visit the embassy and "register before the consular". We would like to give our baby middle names which he can use in France (it is rather troublesome in Japan so we won't register middle names to Japanese government).

必要書類は、papers to be submitted:
☆フランス人の親のIDカード an ID card of a French parent(s)
☆出生証明書(産科医による)Certificat de naissance (by an obstetrician)
あと、多分 and maybe
☆家族手帳 Livret de famille



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