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March 2010

March 25, 2010


My favorite comedian duo Tutorial released a new DVD. Since they won M-1 Grand Prix in 2006, they appear on TV almost everyday and less opportunity to see them on stage. I watch it while holding Pierre until he falls asleep.

ところで、4月頭のパンクスプリングに、私の大大好きなバンド、Relient Kが初来日するのですが。。。1ヶ月検診もまだだから、とても行けない(しかも千葉まで)。。。crying待ちに待った来日なのに〜〜〜

By the way, one of my best favorite band Relient K comes to Japan for the first time (!!) to perform at Punk Spring in early April. But I can't go there...as it's before one-month check-up. I had been looking forward to their coming for long!!!!!
But I don't think I can enjoy the gig leaving my little boy behind, and I am not in a good shape yet either so I have to give it up.

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March 16, 2010


It was White Day last sunday. I asked my sister to buy this when she went to a department store.

Gateaux de voyageのギモーヴ。ギモーヴとは、フランス語でマシュマロのことらしい。Gateaux de voyageは横浜馬車道に本店のあるフランス菓子店。コンビニなどで売っているマシュマロより、もっとフワフワで、ジューシーな感じ(全部フルーツ味)。
Guimauve means marshmallow in French. Gateaux de voyage is a French cake shop whose head shop stands in Bashamichi, Yokohama. The guimauves were softer and juicy than an ordinary marshmallows (five fruits flavors).

Also from Carl...

私にはゴディバのチョコ♪A box of chocolates of Godiva.

これはカールおじさん曰く、『赤ちゃんに頼まれ』て買ったマカロン。Henri Charpentier。
According to Carl, "I was asked to buy by our little boy". Macarons by Henri Charpentier.

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