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August 04, 2010

健康手帳 Carnet de santé

日本では、妊娠を届け出ると、市役所で母子手帳がもらえますが、フランスでは、出生を届け出た時に、健康手帳 Carnet de santéをもらえます。子供が生まれてから16歳まで使うらしい。ちなみに、これは大使館でもらいました。
In Japan, when you declare your pregnancy to the city, they give you the Mother and Child Handbook. In France, when you declare the birth of your baby, they give you Carnet de santé, and it will be used until they turn 16 years old. We received it at the embassy.


The inside is colorful and cute with some illustrations. It is written that the temperature of the baby's room should be at 19 C... while Japanese handbook says keep it warmer than 20 C... French people feel hotter?

It should be written (and signed) by doctors, but as we're in Japan, we write it by ourselves. There are pages for vaccination which is very complicated.. it seems there are more vaccinations (both variety and amount) than in Japan. I don't know if it's good or not.


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