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August 2010

August 30, 2010

リラックマ展 Rilakkuma Exhibition


I got a news that Rilakkuma Exhibition (goyururi market) was coming to the local department store and Rilakkuma would visit there several times. So we went there!

The exhibition is mostly the "market" area and there were so many stuff of Rilakkuma including the previous series and it was "dangerous" for me... I tried not to buy too many.

We arrived there early to get a ticket to take a photo with Rilakkuma but despite our efforts,

爆睡。Pierre fell asleep.shock

The staff guy said "oh, he's sleeping" with sympathy... I took many photos of my sleeping baby with Rilakkuma and went home.

Next time, I hope he's awake and we can take photos with three of us.

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August 29, 2010





フランス語版も出ていますが、発売した時fnac(フランスの大手書店)の口コミ見たら、なかなかの評判だったみたいです。ちょっと見てみたい・・・。笑 また悪い言葉ばかり覚えてしまうかしら。

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August 25, 2010

Faire-Part de Naissance 誕生通知

Faire-part is a card to let people know when someone was born, got married or passed away in France. We made it (faire-part de mariage) by ourselves when we got married. This time, although it took almost six months, Carl sent it to our French family and friends who congratulated the birth of Pierre.

デザイン自体は二人で考えましたheart We designed it together with a computer.

In Japan, we also send cards saying "we got married" or "a baby was born" or we report it in New Year's card.

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August 22, 2010

The Masquerade

Melee The Masquerade

I haven't had time to listen to my favorite music as it's always children's song(s) playing at our place. I sometimes listen to punk rock after putting Pierre sleep or after feeding him in early morning and can't fall asleep with ear phones.

The American band that Carl also likes, Melee released a new album in Japan in advance. I don't even know when it will be in stores in their country, they seem to like Japan maybe because they're popular here? They'll come to Japan for promotion in the end of this month and come back again in October for gigs.

I'd like to go there... It was almost three years ago when I joined in alone, and I thought next time with Carl. But I can't be sure if I have enough strength to go to Shibuya at night which is always crowded with people...

先行シングルの On the Movie Screenは、Meleeらしい、きれいなメロディの歌で、かなり耳に残ります。そういえば、SR-71のミッチもこのアルバムに参加しているらしい!
The first Single-cut "On the Movie Screen" is very much like "Melee" rock with the catchy melody. I like it a lot, too. And I heard Mitch from SR-71 took part in this album! Wow.

ボーナストラックが2つ入っていたのですが、Teo Toriatte (Let Us Cling Together)って何語だ??ラテン語系っぽいタイトルだな〜と思っていたら、ビックリ、途中で歌が日本語になった!これはQueenのカバーで、「手を取りあって」という日本語だったのですねhappy02facebookで「クリス日本語上手!」ってコメントしている人がいて、何のことだ?と思ってたのですが、こういうことだったのかぁ〜。まぁ、スペル的に Te wo じゃないのかな?という気もするけど。
It came with two bonus tracks: I wondered in which language "Teo Toriatte (Let Us Cling Togther)" is, it could be some Latin-origin language... but as I listen to it and found some lines are in Japanese. This is originally by Queen and the title is Japanese (means like "hand in hand") . Some people wrote on facebook "Your Japanese is perfect, Chris" and now I know why they said so! Well, it should be spelled "Te wo...".

What Good Is Love (Without You)もなんか、Queenっぽい感じのする歌だった。Freezeも好きだなぁ・・・捨て曲がないhappy01
What Good Is Love (Without You) sounded similar to Queen's songs. I like Freeze, too... all tracks are good for me:-)

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August 04, 2010

健康手帳 Carnet de santé

日本では、妊娠を届け出ると、市役所で母子手帳がもらえますが、フランスでは、出生を届け出た時に、健康手帳 Carnet de santéをもらえます。子供が生まれてから16歳まで使うらしい。ちなみに、これは大使館でもらいました。
In Japan, when you declare your pregnancy to the city, they give you the Mother and Child Handbook. In France, when you declare the birth of your baby, they give you Carnet de santé, and it will be used until they turn 16 years old. We received it at the embassy.


The inside is colorful and cute with some illustrations. It is written that the temperature of the baby's room should be at 19 C... while Japanese handbook says keep it warmer than 20 C... French people feel hotter?

It should be written (and signed) by doctors, but as we're in Japan, we write it by ourselves. There are pages for vaccination which is very complicated.. it seems there are more vaccinations (both variety and amount) than in Japan. I don't know if it's good or not.

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August 02, 2010

J'élève mon enfant

The book named "I raise my child". Our family in France gave us.

以前の妊娠中のはこちら。同じ著者のものです。I wrote about the one for pregnancy last year. The same author.
J'attends un enfant

It takes time for me to read because my French is poor, but it is very interesting to find the difference between the two countries. I would like to take French way and Japanese way depending on situations.

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