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November 24, 2010

多忙な週末 Busy Weekend

The moving of my stuff from my parents' was finally done and I said goodbye to the house where I grew up. My room became empty and looked so lonely. Next time I visit there, the old house is no longer there. I know it's time to rebuild: the leaky roof, the floor almost giving way etc.. but it's so sad. We have too much memory.

The very next day of the moving, I attended the wedding party of my high school friend. It'd been more than a year since I went up to Tokyo.. I was also happy to see another classmate (it's been ten years!) but on hearing her getting married and looking at her tummy, I misunderstood and asked if she's expecting but she wasn't...I was so embarrassed!!!

She was my classmate (no class change so in the same class for three years) and she was both academic and athletic: she was a top student and she owned a black belt of Judo. She has a lot of interests and hobbies, too. We went to the US for a study tour together, worked as volunteer at a Science Festival for Youngsters, and we did student teaching at the high school when we were at college, too.

She is now a tutor at a science museum and she met a junior high science teacher, who is her husband. She doesn't usually wear make-up (I haven't even seen her in a skirt) but on this special day, she dressed up and so amazing.

The "baked" ice cream for dessert. It was covered with meringue and the patissier poured some alcohol and set fire. I talked about this to Carl and he said it's called frambe in French.

As I didn't want to leave Carl and Pierre alone for long, I attended only the party but it was fun.
Happy Wedding!


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