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February 06, 2011

おフランス風にパンを買う Purchasing bread in the French way


We were watching an anime (from France) for Pierre the other day and in the story they brought back baguette without a bag from the bakery. Then we thought we'd try it here in Japan!


In Japan, they usually put baguette in a paper bag, enclose a plastic bag to preserve and then in a plastic/paper bag with handles. I said "no bags" but the baker thought I meant the plastic bag and was putting the baguette in a paper bag, so I added "no bags at all"then she was surprised, as I expected...

Carl held the baguette in his arm and the baker said "It's cool" (I guess she knew they don't use bags for baguette in France). I wonder if it looked cool if there wasn't Carl with me...might have looked weird....

I didn't feel people looked at us for "bare" baguette. Is it again because of Carl?

In France, a sheet of paper is wrapped around to grab.
From this experience (?) I think there should be at least a paper bag to bring back in the case of dropping it on the way.

By the way, the baguette in the photo is home-baked and not the one we bought this time.


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