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March 2011

March 31, 2011

Birthday Party


I had never imagined that we celebrated Carl's birthday in France! All the stuff I prepared is in Japan, so we got some things here to have a birthday party. I cooked maki. As we didin't have many baggages, we bought 2kg of rice in Japan before we left. We also bought some other asian things at the supermarket. Mostly made in China except for the soy sauce and sushi vinegar... I was surprised to find "surimi" here which sounds like a Japanese word.

Maman's fraisier and my nutella-marron cake.

Many relatives and friends come over to see us hearing we are here. On this day, his aunt and a cousin visited us. Later, another cousin, his wife and three little boys! Pierre was so excited to see his cousins!He doesn't seem to be timid here. He likes the cat, too and chases her.

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