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April 05, 2011

リヨンの祖父母に① Grandparents in LYON -1


We visited our grandparents (great-grandparents for Pierre) in Lyon. Last time it was in summer and they lived in Nimes, but this time (winter time), they're in an apartment in Lyon. It took 2 hours by TGV from Paris to Lyon, so it was a lot easier!

As I lost my grandfather last year, I really wanted to show Pierre to them as soon as possible. However, traveling with a baby is a lot of work and I thought it would be a few years later... then we happened to come to France.

車でパリのリヨン駅へ。To Paris Gare de Lyon by car.

Parisgaredelyon Garedelyon2_3
Paris Gare de Lyon. There were so many people! Our train arrived at the further platform, passing by the re-construction area. We reserved the tickets online and printed out the barcode. It was only 45 euros as the train left in the lunch time.

The first time TGV for Pierre. We used the First Class for him, but it wasn't that comfortable, to my regret. First, we fed him, but he soon got bored and wanted to walk. He likes to climb the stairs and as it trembles in TGV (compared to Shinkansen, I must say), it was really scary...

Carl's aunt and uncle picked us up at Lyon Part-Dieu and brought us to the apartment.

I visited several houses here and I am always impressed by their beautiful interiors. Especially, there're many old furniture in grand-pere and grand-mere's place which were passed to generations...the oldest was made in 1742!!!

Grandma prepared some cake for Carl's birthday, which was very kind. They already have some great-grandchildren but Pierre is the first one to succeed the family name, so it seems they are happy about that, too. Anyways, I was really glad to see their smiles!



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