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May 21, 2011

クスクス Couscous


We don't find couscous very often in Japan.
Last time we visited France, it was summer and I didn't feel hungry, but this time the weather was nice and we spent most of the time at home so I was able to enjoy maman's cooking much better!

Couscous was often served and I liked it a lot. I looked for it in Japan but it wasn't that easy. Finally we found at a department store and a famous import super market. It might be easier to order on-line.

Couscous by Ferrero and RICCI. Couscous is originally from North Africa, but both of them are made in France. I found it wonderful because it's very easy to cook: boil some water. add couscous, wait for 5 minutes and mix with butter or olive oil. That's it!

Omelette and couscous with tomato sauce (Ome-couscous)

We usually eat it with Ratatouille. I serve for my little boy, too, but he doesn't seem to like it since it's too tattered to eat with his hand.


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