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May 08, 2011

パリ マカロン巡り 追記 Paris: Macaron Tour Post Script


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ピエールエルメのマカロンとパットドフリュイです。パットドフリュイは、Ispahan, Constellation, Oasisの3種類のアソートを買いました。二層になってて、さわやかなフルーツやバラの香味が最高に美味しかったです。
Macarons and pates de fruits of Pierre Herme. We bought an assortment box of pates de fruits: Ispahan, Constellation, Oasis. The two-layer pates de fruits with flavors of fruits and rose were so refreshing and extraordinary good!
マカロンは覚えている限り Flavors of macarons as long as I remember:
Crème Brûlée (Vanilles & éclats de Caramel)
Huile d'Olive & Mandarine
Infiniment Rose (Rose & Pétale de Rose)
Dépaysé (The Vert Matcha, Haricot Rouge Azuki, Citron Vert & Gingembre)
Magador (Chocolat au Lait & Fruit de la Passion)
Métissé (Carotte, Orange & Canalle)

Guimauves of LADUREE. The red one is strawberry and the white one is orange flower. Carl didn't think guimauves are delicious until I gave him some last year. It's good we re-discover the goodness of our cultures like this.

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Gérald Mulot. The seasonal flavors of Spring and Summer (from March to October).

Framboise, Nougat, Noix de coco, Mure, Cerise griotte, Graise/ Coquelicot, Citron...

Additional: A box of macarons I bought at PAUL restaurant in CDG. We were able to bring it back safely! We immediately ate them and were good!

スーパーで売っていた、Brioche Pasquierというメーカーのマカロン。ラズベリー、レモン、カシスで、カフェ、チョコ、バニラ入りの箱もあった。会計を待っている際、立ち読みしていたグルメ雑誌に、『スーパーで売っている美味しいマカロン』みたいな特集があり、そのランキング第一位になっていたのがこれ。おいしくいただきました。
The macarons of Brioche Pasquier, bought at a supermarket. The flavors were raspberry, lemon and blackberry. There was also a box of Cafe, Chocolate and Vanilla. I read a gourmet magazine while I was waiting for the casher and found an article like "The delicious macarons sold at supermarket" and Brioche Pasquier was the No. 1 in the ranking. They're good.

It's a little unclear but frozen macarons available at a frozen food store "Picard" (I'll write about it later). They're also good, but our family doesn't really like black macarons (licorice)...


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