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July 01, 2011

北京 Beijing

Since Ueno zoo is too crowded, we went to Beijing to see giant pandas.

Just kidding, we went there to see my brother-in-law at his graduation. Maman also came (but it was a surprise to our brother) so we really wanted to go.
It's been about ten years and fourth time for me to visit Beijing. For Carl, it's his first time.

Haneda_2 Haneda2


We used Haneda again. It's so much closer! There were many people in the shopping area this time as it's noon. There was also a kids' playground near the gate. I wish if we had it at home...

Beijing Beijing2 Pingmayang

The airport became so big! Our Air China plane arrived at Terminal 3 and we got on a shuttle to the main building, which was a little far away. By the way, Pierre traveled as a Japanese this time because French is required visa (Tibet issue?) So Carl needed to get visa. I needed it last time I visited China, but now we can stay 15 days without it.

At the immigration counter, there was a monitor with a camera. I've never seen it at airports in Japan.
We dropped our baby stroller at check-in and it was placed in the middle of the way to the terminal. We almost passed through it without noticing. On our way back, we dropped it at the gate and was returned at baggage pick-up with other baggage.

Our brother came over to the airport and we took a taxi to our hotel. I was already surprised at taxis whose outside design is integrated (which wasn't at all before) and felt the city has been so much civilized in the past ten years.

Popcornchicken Soup
I wanted to make sure that they still have popcorn chicken at KFC in China. I was so glad to have it again! It's not available in Japan anymore. The egg & vegetable soup was a local menu and was good, too.


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