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December 2011

December 09, 2011

Saint Nicolas 聖ニコラ祭

12月6日は聖ニコラの日。ということで、週末に友人を招いて「聖ニコラの茶会」を催しました。盛大に友人を招いたのは初めてなので、House Warming Partyでもありました。
December 6th is Saint Nicolas! We invited our friends and had Saint Nicolas Tea Party at home. It was officially the first time to invite many people so it was also a House Warming Party.

Saint Niclas isn't celebrated all over France, but several regions. It's a festival in Germany and Luxembourg where Carl spent his childhood. Saint Nicolas is said to be a model of Santa Claus, he's in a red costume, we put shoes, carrots for the animal of him, and cookies for Saint Nicolas near fireplace and you'll find presents from him in the following morning.

It's mostly like Christmas so they give small presents in Carl's family.

I baked manilas de la Saint Nicolas (like gingerbread man) and a stollen. The marzipan inside was made of hazelnut powder.

It was so much fun!
My son weren't that timid, either.

We don't have fireplace so we put in the entrance.

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