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January 2012

January 22, 2012

GYHO 2012 -SIMPLE PLAN @ Yokohama Bay Hall





We went to the SIMPLE PLAN concert at Yokohama Bay Hall!! I was too excited their coming to my hometown!!! I got the tickets several months ago and looked forward to it. I hadn't been to any gigs since I got married in 2008. The last one was also Simple Plan and with Carl. This time I joined it with my husband, Carl again.

Our son stayed at my parents but I was a bit worried because it's the first time for him to spend a night without me.

A Canadian band, TEN SECOND EPIC "heated the floor" (as French say), and they're really awesome! Carl and I laughed when we found out that the guitarist (or bass? I'm not sure) was a man because he was rocking so hard that we couldn't see his bearded face with his long hair:-p After the show we saw them selling T-shirts at the entrance and they looked friendly, too. (I regret that there were too many people to talk with them. We just exchanged a few words).
前座のカナディアンバンド、TEN SECOND EPICもよかったです!!すごく盛り上がっていたし、元気をもらいました。きれいな長髪のギタリスト(ベース?)がいて、あら、女性かしら、と思ったら、すんごいおひげの男性で、カールおじさんと顔を見合わせて笑ってしまった(失礼)。超ロックしていたので、顔が見えなかったの…。

And then there they were! As far as I remember, they sang: Shut Up, Jumo, When I'm Gone, Addicted, You Suck At Love, Astronaut, Summer Paradise, My Alien, Can't Keep My hands Off You, Jet Lag, Loser of the Year, Love Is a Lie, This Song Saved My Life, Thank You, I'd Do Anything, Perfect...and Welcome to My Life, I'm Just A Kid......am I forgetting something?



They're really great! To be honest, I had a back-ache for the coldness but it's completely gone while I was jumping with them. I have sore throat and legs instead. But I thought I should exercise more... I can't make excuses of giving birth anymore.

They're really good at talking, too. Real entertainers. I would love to see them again with my son some day! Pierre tweeted that he'd try a new Japanese joke before the audience. It's always funny that bands from overseas do this. Sebastien singing a popular song of last year sang by little kids was so much fun, too (rofl).

We got home around half past nine, it took a while to get out of the hall. I didn't think it was this crowded last time... We knocked on my parents' door and found our son sleeping on a couch. When I saw it, my Simple Plan- occupied head was kind of blown out. I felt like getting back to my single life for a short period of time, but I am a mom and I love my son more than anything else.



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