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April 2012

April 16, 2012

抹茶のマカロン Macarons Matcha

Since we moved in the new house with a built-in microwave oven, I started to bake macarons again. And I think now I can really call them macarons! So I will note the best recipe at the moment to remember.

My latest favorite is Matcha macarons with smooth bean jam.

材料 Ingredients
アーモンドパウダー 60g of almond powder
粉糖 110g of powdered sugar
卵白 2個分(60gくらい)2 egg whites (about 60g)
グラニュー糖 25g of granulated sugar
抹茶 5g of matcha

1) アーモンドパウダーをこし器でこして、更に粉糖、抹茶と混ぜてふるう。
Push the almond powder through a tamis and then add the powdered sugar and the matcha. Then sift them together.

2) 卵白を泡立て、2回に分けてグラニュー糖を加えてツノが立つまで泡立てる。
Beat the egg white, adding the granulated sugar in two times, and beat them until stiff peaks form.

3) 粉類をメレンゲに加える。私はいつも二回に分けて。スパチュラで、ボウルの側面から生地をひっくり返すようにして混ぜると、泡がつぶれにくい。Add the powders into the egg white, I usually do it in two times. With a spatula, try to turn the mixture over so that the foam won't break down.

4) 大体混ざったら、マカロナージュする。スケッパー(カード)を使って、ボウルに生地を押し付けるようにして適度に泡をつぶす。生地の光沢とリボン状に落ちるのが良い状態。When it's roughly mixed, do macaronage. Using a skepper, push the mixture onto the bowl to break the extra bubbles. It's done when the surface is shiny and it drops smoothly but not too liquid.

5) 絞り袋に入れて、生地を絞り出す。私は義母にもらったマカロン用シリコンシートを使っていますが、クッキングシートでも。シリコンだときれいにはがれます。天板に段ボール紙を敷いて、その上にクッキングシートをのせます。真上から動かさずに絞り出し、2センチ程度で止める。マカロン間は十分にあける。
Put it in a piping bag. I use a silicon sheet for macarons that my mother-in-law gave me, but I use baking sheets, too. Macarons can be removed perfectly when I use the silicon sheet. I also put a sheet of carton paper under the baking sheet. Pipe it on the sheet, keep it upright, until about 2 cm. Keep enough distance to other macarons.

6) そのまま数時間乾燥させ、触っても指につかないようなら準備OK。夏場は結構時間がかかります。Leave them for several hours to dry until they make skins. It takes many hours in humid summer (some people even leave them overnight in a fridge).

7) 160℃に余熱したオーブンで12〜3分焼きます。オーブンの下火が強いと割れ、上火が弱いと冷えた時にぺしゃんこになるで、オーブンの一番上の段(うちのは天井ほぼスレスレ)で焼きます。途中で天板の奥と手前を入れ替えます。Bake in the oven preheated at 160 degree C for about 13-4 minutes. They make cracks when the lower heat is too strong, and they bust when the upper heat is weak, so I put them on the top position (very close to the ceiling of the oven). Turn the board in the middle of the baking.

8) 十分冷めたら、シートからはがして中身(写真はあんこ)をのせてもう1つのマカロンではさんでできあがり。Cool them down and remove from the sheet. Spread the bean jam, ganache or whatever you like and bind with another macaron coque. Enjoy!

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April 06, 2012

アンパンマンこどもミュージアム&モール Anpanman Kids Museum and Mall

Carl took a day off on our son's second birthday and we visited Anpanman Kids Museum and Mall in Yokohama. For one reason, Pierre recognizes Anpanman and friends and he likes them a lot now! However, it was raining on the special day... and the museum was so crowded even on a rainy weekday!

The fee for both adult and child is ¥1000, but it comes with a toy for children. We first went up to third floor on an elevator and then we came down.

エレベータを降りると、キャラクターがお出迎え。Right before the elevator on the third floor, the characters of Anpanman welcomed us.

いろんなテーマのジオラマ。Vrious dioramas.

Experience Zone. I liked the uncle Jam's bread factory very much;-)
Many parents/caretakers, including myself, were too busy taking pictures of their child(ren) and we have to be careful not to bump on to the others.

Then downstairs, there were SL man and some fake food stands where children can get in and out to play.

Kids' playing space. As a result, my son took over the toy that the boy was playing... Sorry! There were also ladies who did picture story shows or sang songs. Lots of fun.

Finally on the first floor, there were slides and ball-playing area and a theater. Sorry Pierre, your favorite slide is from 3 years old and up. We were seated in the theater to wait for the next show, but Pierre couldn't wait. We forgot to give him some juice before entering the museum and eating and drinking is not allowed inside. So he kept asking "Juice!!"... So Carl took him out to get some fresh air and then a staff started to organize the vacant seats. She asked me when the two would return and I must have them there soon. I was really upset...

なんとか間に合い、食パンマンが登場し、更にお姉さんとアンパンマンが。Soon Carl and Pierre came back and then there came Shokupanman, a female friend of Anpanman and Anpanman!
喜んではいたけれど、アンパンマン<ジュース でしたね。Pierre liked it, but he liked juice more.

The show was about 15 minutes and then we took a quick look at the museum shop, and we got out.

This locker... we put 100 yen and it returns when we finished using it. I was too much in a hurry and forgot to take the 100 yen!!

We had lunch at Dokin's Cafe in the mall. This kid's menu was so pretty, but Pierre ate only the french fries.

I ordered French Toasts. So cute!

We had a great time:)

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April 04, 2012

三井アウトレットパーク 横浜ベイサイド Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside



It's been a little while, we went to an outlet mall in Yokohama. I know it's there and I'd been always thinking of going but never...
The trigger to the visit was the favorite TV character(s) of my son, Rice Monster Pap. And there was a stamp rally event held at that time.

Yokohama Seaside Line 横浜シーサイドライン
We changed trains at Shinsugita. The first time for all of us (and it's a bit expensive)!

We got off at the second stop and walked toward the sea... and arrived at the outlet park. All the buildings look like a port town in Western countries.

A small steam-train like car was running around the park and Pierre loved it a lot. We didn't get on it because of the weather. Maybe next time. And most of the shops were under reconstruction and closed...(although we were not there to do shopping then).

401142_10150597127376553_52887655_2 423675_10150597125906553_52887655_2
Monster Hanbergoo and Pap.

We also joined in the event, a class on rice (because pap is rice and he is to promote rice consumption, I believe), too. It was aimed at children of school age, but there were more younger ones and the MC lady was a bit confused.

There's a marina just next to the park. Boats and yachts reminds me of Saint Malo. The restaurants in the outlet were all crowded at lunch time so we had a little meal in the cafe of the marina.

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