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May 03, 2012

Open Gate (Friendship Day)

We visited the open-gate events at the US military base in March and April.

In March, it was Yokosuka Spring Festival. I've been to Yokosuka once, but I didn't see anything other than the base then. I was looking forward to seeing Mikasa Park.

We seldom use Keikyu line to the Yokosuka direction, so we got on a wrong train to Shinzushi. We somehow arrived at Shioiri station and walked to the gate to find a long queue, well almost a crowd. We waited for a while just to get in the park and amazed by the former battle ship Mikasa and then found another long line. There were even ropes to form the line just like Disney Land. We waited more than an hour just to get through the gate.

Before the security check, Carl was required to show the guard person (I think Self-Defence guy) his ID. It's to tell military and outsiders but I don't think Carl can never be successful in the military service.

みかさ Mikasa

There're so many people inside too. I was surprised to see an unbelievably long line before a Pizza stand. We got some hamburgers at a less-crowded stand, looked through, bought some raisins and nuts and went home. I also lost the lens cap of my camera...:(
Pierre was a bit interested in the fire truck. The high school behind the truck was the sister school of my old school and I visited there once.

4月は根岸住宅のフレンドシップデー。In April, Friendship Day at Negishi housing area.
It was far less crowded than Yokosuka. Moreover, it's closer. I think we'll visit there again (but I heard it will be returned to Japan in the near future).

The old grandstand! I wanted to see from this side.

534802_10150693348156553_52887655_2 549340_10150693349061553_52887655_2
The festival was like this. We ate hamburgers again and did some shopping. There were also various stands of Japan side and our boy bought a pla-rail train at a toy shop. We also bought a really large-sized pizza and got out. The weather was great and we played in Negishi Shinrin Park a bit.

What we've got. All American foods! I tried root beer recommended by my host family when I was at high school... Carl described the taste as "gargling" and so did I.


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