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June 21, 2012

Jouvaud 広尾店

My favorite Patisserie Provancal, Jauvaud. But they closed a shop in Yokohama many years ago!! I'm so sad.

なので、大使館に行く際は、寄ることに。So when we go to the embassy, we usually drop by the Hiroo shop.

Fortunately, we saw the patissier at the counter and talked a little while (I made sure what he talked about with Carl later....because it was all in French). As I have been looking for molds for calissons, we asked him where did he got them and he said they're brought from France. In addition, the laws about food are different in both countries so they can't make confits of melon in the way they do in France. So the recipe of calisson in Japan is different from the one in France. I would love to taste the calissons in France then!

And they closed the branches to concentrate on the "maison mere (head shop)".

It was nothing to do with the sweets but he said their children speaks mostly in Japanese at home while he wants them to speak French. Mmm, that's what we have to work on in our family, too.

I would like to have a cup of tea at the salon de thé of Jouvaud next time.

フロランタンはプレゼント♪Florantan was a gift:-)

ケークサレ Cake salé

オリーブパン Pain aux olives


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