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June 02, 2012

Moomin Bakery & Cafe in Tokyo ムーミンベーカリー&カフェ

ここはどこでしょう・・・?Where is this?

ムーミンベーカリー&カフェ@ラクーアです。Moomin Bakery & Cafe at LaQua, Tokyo Dome City.
We went there after the embassy: I wanted to come here with my son for long. And it'd been a while for myself, too. While I was too much occupied with my new-born, Moomin Aurora Cafe in Lalaport Yokohama was closed, which was the greatest disappointment for me. And it's not very easy for us to come to Tokyo like this.

It was a lunch time on Sunday. There were many people waiting in line. Not sure if it's usually like this but we didn't see any kids but all women. It was a chilly day so the cafe staff served us a cup of hot tea and lend my son a moomin puppet. It's very kind of them.

着席。We're finally at the table.

We can eat the bread as much as we want if we order a lunch menu(formule). It was a great joy for my son, too. He loves bread! We enjoyed various bread!

Kid's plate was so cute! As our son doesn't like sauce and fluid stuff, he didn't eat much so we parents finished them. However, Pierre made a stain with ketchup which I was afraid of.


やっぱりムーミン大好き♪I love moomins!
ところで、2012年6月現在、息子のピエ(仮称)は「ムーミン(むめ)」「ミィ(めー)」と、パパママを識別し、呼べるようになっています。フランス語版のLes Moominsもしばしば見せているのですが、キャラクターの名前が一部(いや、だいぶ?)異なります。ムーミンパパ&ママ→Papa/Maman Moominと逆になっているのは置いておいて…

等々…。ピポはひどくないかしら…スナフキンの原作の名前がタバコに関わる語だから、パイプ→ ピポ?なのかな?

By the way, my son Pierre now (June 2012) can understand and say "Moomin (moo me)", "My (mee)", Papa and Mama. We often watch French version but these names of the characters are a bit (lot?) different as above. Snufkin turned into Pipo was a big surprise but it might have come from the original name (in Swedish) that his name means something with smoking and the pipe -> Pipo.


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