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September 2013

September 16, 2013

Cup Noodle Museum カップヌードルミュージアム


We visited the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama several months ago. We always see people bringing a plastic pochette of My Cup Noodle around Yokohama and Minatomirai area. I don't like crowded places, so we avoided visiting there for about half a year.

When we enter the museum, we see a museum shop on the right side and the ticket booths in the middle. And above the booths were the screens that shows how crowded each attractions were. We can't make any reservation for each attraction there. The ticket has a QR code on it and my three-year-old son was free of charge but was given a ticket.

Since my son is not a museum boy, we skipped the exhibition floor...(maybe someday in the future). And headed directly to the top floor where there is Cup Noodle Park for kids. It is an indoor play yard from 3-12 years old. We first made a reservation and paid ¥300 yen. We waited for a while until our time came and then entered the park. For preschool kids, a guardian must accompany for per child, and since my son named me, I went there with him. There were some lockers but they were mostly full. I just asked Carl to keep my belongings. First of all, we listen to the instruction from the staff, and off we went. We are not supposed to run, or, of course, push someone.
It is designed as the process of the making of Cup Noodle. My son loved sliders! And in about 25 minutes, warning lamps started to blink and we were done.


その横にNoodle Bazaarがあり、アジア〜イタリアの麺類が食べられます。一皿¥300ですが、量はごく少量で、たくさん味わえるようになっているのだそうだ。私たちは初めて見た、カザフスタンの麺を食べました。辛くなくて、子供にも大丈夫そうだったので。
Next to the park, there is Noodle Bazaar where we can enjoy noodles from other Asian countries + Italy. It costs ¥300 par serving with a small quantity so that we can enjoy several different noodles. We chose the one from Kazakhstan, which we had never had and was not too hot for children.

We can re-enter with the same ticket on the same day so we went out to have lunch and the noodle was for snack time:-)

そして、事前に予約しておいたMy Cup Noodle Factoryへ!自販機でカップを買って、手をキレイにして、カップにもフタをしてもらい、テーブルに案内されたらお絵描き開始。できたら中身を選んで詰めてもらい、例のプラスティックの袋に入れて出来上がり☆こちらも1つ¥300。

Then we went to My Cup Noodle Factory, which we made reservation beforehand when we arrived in the museum. We bought a cup (¥300) for each of us with the vending machine, cleaned our hands and a staff put a clear lid over each cup. Then another staff seated us to a table and we started drawing. After we finish drawing, we were again in the line, chose ingredients and soup, and the cup was sealed! Then we put it in the plastic pochette.

It was fun!!


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