November 07, 2012

黄金いも Kogane Imo (Golden Sweet Potato)


Ingredients 材料
about 450g of sweet potatoes, peeled 皮をむいたサツマイモ
125g of sugar 砂糖
two egg yolks 卵の黄身2つ分
Cinnamon シナモン

The sweet potatoes. Slice them in about 2-3 cm thick and peel them, and they turned 450g.

Img_1817 Img_1818
Boil them in a pot or steam them in a microwave. To boil, put some water and the potatoes in a pot and keep heating for about 15 minutes after boiling. To microwave, put in a steamer for the microwave oven and heat for about 2-3 minutes, check the potatoes and continue cooking for another couple of minutes until tender.

Img_1820 Img_1819

こんな感じに。Like these.

裏ごしします。Strain the potatoes.

Add the egg yolks and the sugar, and mix well. Then heat them until they turn sticky. Continue mixing and be careful not to burn!

Shape them into little cones of about 10cm. Sprinkle and cover with the cinnamon. You can use plastic wrap to shape.

トースターで3〜5分ほど焼きます。Bake in a toaster for about 3-5 minutes.

Enjoy! できあがり!


August 27, 2012

酒種酵母パン Sake (koji) Ferment Bread

Now it's too hot so I stopped baking bread, but before the summer heat, I tried "natural yeast bread" that I wanted to bake for long.

I heard that beginners should start with using raisins, but as I often prepare "shiokoji" which is one of condiments with salt and koji (a ferment to make Japanese sake) so I decided to use this ferment. I found a very useful website (the link above) but it's of course in Japanese.

塩麹を作るとき、ちょっとだけ甘酒作りに回し、甘酒から酒種、そしてそれに全粒粉と水を加えてスターターにしました。これには数日かかりました。When I prepare shio-koji, I used the little bit of the koji to make Amazake, then make the ferment from Amazake, and add the all-wheat flour to make starter. It took several days.
左が酒種酵母、右がスターター。Left: The Sake ferment, Right: Starter


Basically, we add other ingredients such as flour, sugar or salt into some amount of the starter. I usually kneaded the dough in the afternoon and left it ferment all night, then prepared and baked early in the following morning for breakfast.

朝、膨らんだ様子。Fermented, in the morning.

ジャムタブレットを入れたパン。Bread with jam tablets.

Baguette バゲット

黒糖パン Black-sugar bread

Brioche ブリオッシュ

Character-shaped breads. They're all my son's favorite characters but he didn't eat very much (maybe because he didn't like the cocoa flavor).

I used the ferment for nearly two months but it tasted sour in the end so I stopped there. I'm looking forward to starting it again when it gets cool!!


July 01, 2012

山手散策 -Food Fair at Saint-Maur International School & Bluff Bakery

It was in April, we were hanging around Yamate and came across a Food Fair at Saint Maur international school.

This school is one of international schools in Yamate and they recently started a French course for the children of employees in Nissan-Renaut as they moved the head quarter in Yokohama. So many of children of Carl's colleague go there, too.

VERY American scoreboard (no doubt, though).

There were various stands of each countries and French one was in the gym.

Crepes, canelés, cakes, cheeses, pâté... I loved the canelé (mothers baked them).

Bluff Bakery along Daikan-zaka. I think it opened not so long ago, I saw it in NHK French Language program on TV and wanted to go there since then.

Baguette, croissant, I think they can tell us the quality of the shop. Polenta bread is made of corn powder. I also found polenta powder in Hiroo, Tokyo, so I will bake some bread or cake some day soon.


June 21, 2012

Jouvaud 広尾店

My favorite Patisserie Provancal, Jauvaud. But they closed a shop in Yokohama many years ago!! I'm so sad.

なので、大使館に行く際は、寄ることに。So when we go to the embassy, we usually drop by the Hiroo shop.

Fortunately, we saw the patissier at the counter and talked a little while (I made sure what he talked about with Carl later....because it was all in French). As I have been looking for molds for calissons, we asked him where did he got them and he said they're brought from France. In addition, the laws about food are different in both countries so they can't make confits of melon in the way they do in France. So the recipe of calisson in Japan is different from the one in France. I would love to taste the calissons in France then!

And they closed the branches to concentrate on the "maison mere (head shop)".

It was nothing to do with the sweets but he said their children speaks mostly in Japanese at home while he wants them to speak French. Mmm, that's what we have to work on in our family, too.

I would like to have a cup of tea at the salon de thé of Jouvaud next time.

フロランタンはプレゼント♪Florantan was a gift:-)

ケークサレ Cake salé

オリーブパン Pain aux olives


April 16, 2012

抹茶のマカロン Macarons Matcha

Since we moved in the new house with a built-in microwave oven, I started to bake macarons again. And I think now I can really call them macarons! So I will note the best recipe at the moment to remember.

My latest favorite is Matcha macarons with smooth bean jam.

材料 Ingredients
アーモンドパウダー 60g of almond powder
粉糖 110g of powdered sugar
卵白 2個分(60gくらい)2 egg whites (about 60g)
グラニュー糖 25g of granulated sugar
抹茶 5g of matcha

1) アーモンドパウダーをこし器でこして、更に粉糖、抹茶と混ぜてふるう。
Push the almond powder through a tamis and then add the powdered sugar and the matcha. Then sift them together.

2) 卵白を泡立て、2回に分けてグラニュー糖を加えてツノが立つまで泡立てる。
Beat the egg white, adding the granulated sugar in two times, and beat them until stiff peaks form.

3) 粉類をメレンゲに加える。私はいつも二回に分けて。スパチュラで、ボウルの側面から生地をひっくり返すようにして混ぜると、泡がつぶれにくい。Add the powders into the egg white, I usually do it in two times. With a spatula, try to turn the mixture over so that the foam won't break down.

4) 大体混ざったら、マカロナージュする。スケッパー(カード)を使って、ボウルに生地を押し付けるようにして適度に泡をつぶす。生地の光沢とリボン状に落ちるのが良い状態。When it's roughly mixed, do macaronage. Using a skepper, push the mixture onto the bowl to break the extra bubbles. It's done when the surface is shiny and it drops smoothly but not too liquid.

5) 絞り袋に入れて、生地を絞り出す。私は義母にもらったマカロン用シリコンシートを使っていますが、クッキングシートでも。シリコンだときれいにはがれます。天板に段ボール紙を敷いて、その上にクッキングシートをのせます。真上から動かさずに絞り出し、2センチ程度で止める。マカロン間は十分にあける。
Put it in a piping bag. I use a silicon sheet for macarons that my mother-in-law gave me, but I use baking sheets, too. Macarons can be removed perfectly when I use the silicon sheet. I also put a sheet of carton paper under the baking sheet. Pipe it on the sheet, keep it upright, until about 2 cm. Keep enough distance to other macarons.

6) そのまま数時間乾燥させ、触っても指につかないようなら準備OK。夏場は結構時間がかかります。Leave them for several hours to dry until they make skins. It takes many hours in humid summer (some people even leave them overnight in a fridge).

7) 160℃に余熱したオーブンで12〜3分焼きます。オーブンの下火が強いと割れ、上火が弱いと冷えた時にぺしゃんこになるで、オーブンの一番上の段(うちのは天井ほぼスレスレ)で焼きます。途中で天板の奥と手前を入れ替えます。Bake in the oven preheated at 160 degree C for about 13-4 minutes. They make cracks when the lower heat is too strong, and they bust when the upper heat is weak, so I put them on the top position (very close to the ceiling of the oven). Turn the board in the middle of the baking.

8) 十分冷めたら、シートからはがして中身(写真はあんこ)をのせてもう1つのマカロンではさんでできあがり。Cool them down and remove from the sheet. Spread the bean jam, ganache or whatever you like and bind with another macaron coque. Enjoy!

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February 07, 2012

節分と La Chandeleur

February 2 is la Chandeleur in France (not only in France but many Christian countries) and February 3 is Setsubun in Japan. So we had a party at home again.

For Setsubun, I made maki sushi and for Chandeleur, I baked crepes and galettes.

On the top, they're Kimishigure, Japanese cakes.

Crepes and raspberry jam, sauces and smoked salmons. I had an impression that crepes are to eat with cream and fruits inside and it's the typical image of Harajuku: walking down the street eating a crepe. However, they eat with a knife and a fork, rolling in France. I was surprised to find that they eat for dinner, too. For us they're snacks.

Our son is getting used to guests, but he can't still get along with men. This time two young men arrived and he pretended to sleep in the arms of his dad, and fell asleep. lol

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August 25, 2011

うちのキッシュ Quiche chez Erika



材料 2~3人分 Ingredients for 2-3 persons
冷凍パイシート 2枚 2 sheets of frozen pie crust
卵 2個 2 eggs
豆乳 200ml of soy milk
ベーコン 適量 some bacon
じゃがいも 2~3個 2-3 potatoes
ブロッコリー 適量 some broccoli
塩・こしょう salt and pepper

1) パイシートは室温に戻し、パイ皿にしく。Leave the pie crust at room temperature and spread in a pie mold

2) 卵と豆乳をボウルに入れて、塩こしょうを加えて混ぜる。ベーコンの塩分があるので、塩は少なめ。Put the eggs and the soy milk in a bowl and mix with salt and pepper. I add just a little bit of salt because salty bacon will be added.

3) じゃがいもは3ミリくらいの厚さに切り、電子レンジで下ごしらえしておく(600wで2分半くらい)。ブロッコリーはいつも冷凍を使います。ベーコンは食べやすいサイズに切っておく。
Slice the potatoes at about 3mm thick and cook in a microwave ( 2min30sec at 600w). I always use frozen broccoli. Cut the bacon in small pieces.

4) パイ生地の上にじゃがいもをのせ、卵と豆乳を流し入れる。他の具材をのせる。
Put the potatoes above the pie crust and pour the egg and soy milk. Add the other ingredients.


5) 180℃のオーブンで35分ほど焼く。
Bake in the oven preheated at 180 C for about 35 minutes.


I prefer soy milk to milk. And I am happy to find that the new oven bakes it very good. I had troubles with the former oven as quiche didn't come out solid sometimes.

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June 09, 2011

Blueberry Bread



冷凍ブルーベリー 120g of Blueberries (frozen)
強力粉 300g of flour
卵 1コ an egg
砂糖 大さじ3 3 tablespoonful of sugar
ドライイースト 3g of dried yeast
ぬるま湯 100ml of warm water

1) ブルーベリーは電子レンジで3分ほどあたため、果汁と実に分ける。
Heat the blueberries for about three minutes in a microwave oven. Separate the juice and berries.

2) ボウルで卵を溶いて、果汁と砂糖を加える。
Beat the egg in a bowl and add the blueberry juice and the sugar.

3) 強力粉とイーストを加える。ぬるま湯をすこしずつ注ぎながら、よくこねてひとまとめにする。
Add the flour and the yeast. Pour the water little by little and knead to make a ball.

4) 暖かい場所で二倍になるまで発酵させる。
Leaven in a warm place until it grows double the size.

5) 打粉をした台に広げ、ベリーをのせて巻く。
Spread on a floured board, put the berries on it and roll the dough.

6) 型に入れ、暖かい場所で発酵させる。210℃に予熱したオーブンで35分ほど焼く。
Put in a mold and leaven in a warm place again for a while. Bake in the oven preaheated at 210 C for about 35 minutes. Cover the surface with alminum foil if it may get burnt.

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May 27, 2011

Kiri Cheese Cake Kiriのチーズケーキ

Kiri from France

I baked cheese cake with kiri.

Kiri 7個分 7 pieces of kiri (18g *7= about 126g)
卵 2 eggs separated
グラニュー糖 20g of granulated sugar
砂糖 20g of sugar
レモン汁 30ml of lemon juice
豆乳 70ml of soy milk
全粒粉 25g of whole wheat flour

1) Kiriは室温に戻し、やわらかくなったら卵黄と砂糖を加えて混ぜる。
Soften kiri cream cheese at the room temperature and add theegg yolk and the sugar and mix well.

2) レモン汁と豆乳を加えます。
Add the lemon juice and soy milk.

3) 別のボウルで、卵白を泡立てます。グラニュー糖を加え、角が立つまで。
In another bowl, beat the egg white and then add the granulated sugar. Beat until stiff peak forms.

4) ふるった全粒粉を②の生地に加え、メレンゲを泡をつぶさないように混ぜます。
Add the whole wheat flour (shifted) into the bowl of the egg yolk. Add the egg white and mix without squishing the bubbles.

5) 型にクッキングシートを敷いて、生地を流しいれます。お湯をはった天板にのせます。160℃に予熱したオーブンで40分ほど焼きます。
Spread baking sheet in a mold and pour the dough. Put the mold on a roasting pan and pour hot water for steam. Bake in the oven preheated at 160 C for about 40 minutes.


Enjoy with blueberries!

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May 21, 2011

クスクス Couscous


We don't find couscous very often in Japan.
Last time we visited France, it was summer and I didn't feel hungry, but this time the weather was nice and we spent most of the time at home so I was able to enjoy maman's cooking much better!

Couscous was often served and I liked it a lot. I looked for it in Japan but it wasn't that easy. Finally we found at a department store and a famous import super market. It might be easier to order on-line.

Couscous by Ferrero and RICCI. Couscous is originally from North Africa, but both of them are made in France. I found it wonderful because it's very easy to cook: boil some water. add couscous, wait for 5 minutes and mix with butter or olive oil. That's it!

Omelette and couscous with tomato sauce (Ome-couscous)

We usually eat it with Ratatouille. I serve for my little boy, too, but he doesn't seem to like it since it's too tattered to eat with his hand.

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