September 10, 2009

ミシュランガイド Michelin Guide Japon

I often watch a TV program (on our local TV Kanagawa) called "Travel with Michelin! Rediscover Japon".

Two French people, Jessy and Dominique travel around Japon with Michelin guide in their hands. They are a band called Unison and sing songs in French and I knew Jessy when she appeared in NHK French language program and I like her a lot. And it's half a year course and I like the one with Jessy and Vincent the best. It's not so good this term, so I don't watch it anymore.

Dominique looks very gentle and Jessy is so cute (not only the appearance but also her character). It is also interesting that they have French points of view.

Carl has the guide too, and we also used some when we traveled France.

They visited Hakone the other day and I told Carl about it as he wasn't home at that time, the he said "I wanted to watch it! Were there black eggs?"
I remember, when our French family and friends visited Hakone, they took a looooooot of pictures of "hot spring eggs(=black eggs)" (FYI the blackness is because of sulfur contained in the hot spring there) and they bought some back. But they didn't have time to eat before they flew home so we ate them. I wonder if black eggs are such a surprise???

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October 03, 2008

俺たちフィギュアスケーター Blades of Glory

ずーっと観たかったのだけど、観られる映画館が限られていて。。。気づけばDVDが出てた。で、カールおじさんからの誕生日プレゼントの1つ。笑 I really wanted to see the film but there weren't so many theaters showing this, and now...the DVD is out. And this is one of the presents that Carl gave me for my birthday.

日本語タイトルは「俺たち〜」ですが、原題はBlades of Glory。フィギュアスケート男子シングルで金メダルを争っていた二人が、騒ぎを起こしたことで永久追放されてしまい、男子シングルではなく「男子ペア」で復活をもくろむ、という話。ウィル・フェレル演じるChazzは男臭い感じで、makingでも言ってたと思うけど、エルビス・ストイコ的なcoldsweats01一方、ジョン・ヘダー演じるJimmyは細身で金髪、王子様系。DVDのおまけ映像で、ジョニー・ウィアーが「僕と似てる」って言ってたけど、まさにその通り!The title in Japan is "We(*men's form) are figure skaters". The two male figure skaters fighting over a gold medal ended up making a fuss and banned from male single skating for their lifetime. And they decided to compete again in the pair figure skating...(male&male pair).



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October 01, 2008

Go To DMC(の映画)!





I've wanted to see the film Detroit Metal City for long and as we ladies can see movies with discount price (1000JPY, usually 1800 for adults) on Wednesdays, I wanted to make it on Wed but always had some plans and couldn't until today. I went there this morning and found that it's Cinema day (1st of a month) and everybody can see films with 1000JPY.... it's the same price but I somehow felt a little disappointment.

シネコンで、小さめのハコ。通路そばの席確保したら、隣が初デート臭がプンプンするカップルでちょっと気まずいcoldsweats01しかも男は一回観てるようで(というか、中身の安全性を確認しないと、危険な原作?)、上映前から解説とかしてちょっとウザい。。。次はなかったりしてcatface My seat was next to the aisle, but there were a young couple next to me (alone), who seemed to be on their first date (or just started dating), so I was a bit uncomfortable... And the guy, who must have seen it before, started explaining and commenting on the film which wasn't sweet at all...(there may be no next date :p)

ともあれ、中身的には期待を裏切らない感じでしたhappy01実家のお母さんのくだりで思わず涙が。。。(DMCで涙っておかしい。。。笑いすぎてならあるけど)ていうか別の映画の予告とかでもうるうるしちゃうので、涙腺が更にゆるくなってるのかも。。。。としだなぁ。。。Anyways, it was cool as I expected it to be. I've never been in tears reading the comic (except for the cases that I laughed too much), but in the film appeared the mother in his hometown whose words made me cry... Is it because I am getting old??
This film was well-accepted at the festival in Canada the other day. I think everybody can enjoy this type of movie (it's should be rated R if it were closer to the manga version). And the music was nice, too, I really like it.



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July 06, 2008

Le coup de foudre dans le film "The Princess Diaries"

The Disney movie "The Princess Diaries"

I watched the following one "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" several months ago and found it fun. I really like the actresses/actors in it especially Anne Hathaway. She's very attractive. This series is renamed "Pritty Princess" in Japan (because the director also directed Pretty Woman). But I hadn't seen the previous one until I happened to find the DVD I got in China many years ago. So I watched it and enjoyed it very much...

日本では「プリティプリンセス」と呼ばれていますが(監督がプリティウーマンと同じだから)、先に2の方を観る機会があって、最初のは見てなかったんですね。それが、昨日たまたま中国で買ったDVDを見つけて、観てみました。この映画、役者さんも好きで、ほんとにおもしろかったhappy01アン ハサウェイかわいくて好き。

Then... I fell in love with "Michael" in the film!! He's a brother of the princess's best friend and had a crush on her before she turned out to be a princess. He's in a rock band in the film and looked just like George Harrison when he was young. He's quite my type so I looked up the website about the actor Robert Schwartzman. I almost jumped in surprise. He's a singer/guitarist of the Californian band Rooney, YES I have their CD already!!!

で、この映画で「マイケル」にcoup de foudre (フランス語で「落雷」のことだけど、一目惚れのことを指すらしい)heart04してしまいました。彼はプリンセスの親友のお兄さんなのですが、見た目のみならず、ロックバンドをやっているというところも、ど真ん中射抜かれた感じ。控えめっぽいところもたまらない。。。で、この役者さんについて調べたら、、、Rooneyのボーカル/ギタリストだった!!るーにー。。。CD持ってるよhappy02驚きのあまり飛び上がりそうでした。

I checked the booklet in their CD "Calling The World", which was released about five years later from the film. He looks a bit old (of course...) Now I regret that I didn't see their performance at Summer Sonic last year even though I was there (actually I entered the stadium at the very end of their performance)...



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January 26, 2008

Brokeback Mountain


I always wanted to see the film since I knew it, but it is sad that the death of the actor Heath Ledger made me watch it at last. The news surprised me so much and I regret that I didn't the film much earlier.

ずっと見たかったのですが、なかなか機会がなくて、やっと観ました。でも悲しいきっかけとなってしまったのですが、主役を演じたHeath Ledgerさんが亡くなったからです。もっと早く観ればよかったと後悔しています。


Maybe no need to say but it is the story about two cowboys fell in love with each other.
Tears after tears...as I have had a cold and a stuffy nose since last week it made me so hard to breath after watching it. It's amazing that a person fell in love with somebody and it doesn't matter if it's a man or woman or neither! I also read an article that some mammals have gay couples. I don't think homosexual is unnatural thing. It's just beautiful to love someone no matter who they are.


また、Heath Ledgerさんが亡くなったことが、本当に残念でなりません。

The scene that their shirts (that they wore when they were working together) were hanging together was so moving. And I'm really sorry that we lost such a wonderful actor who was only 28.

I read in a news the other day that he talked in an interview that he felt good about dying now because he felt himself alive in his daughter. But at the same time I think he wanted to live longer for her as he said it's like "Catch-22".



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July 16, 2007

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix





でも迫力あったし、想像していたシーンが、結構期待通りな感じだった。ルナやトンクスもかわいくて。あと、ヘレナ・ボナム・カーターの名前がエンドロールにあったので、どれ!?って思ったら、シリウスの親戚でdeath eaterの脱獄犯だった。ロンの双子の兄、Fred&Georgeの「活躍」もこの中で好きなシーンのひとつ。


I went to see the latest Harry Potter film today even though a big typhoon is coming.This morning it was raining so hard and I once decided to stay home today but it gotbetter in the afternoon so I went.

It must be so hard to "summarize" such a long story in two and half hours. There is no way but to cut off small episodes but the story goes too quickly and can't describe the feelings of the characters very well. Particularly when it comes to the emotions, Harry is in the middle of teenage and he realizes that adults are not always right and perfect even his dad and professor Dumbledore who he adores. And he and Cho's love looks a bit cheaper as well. But as I wrote, it can't be helped.

But the film itself was great. I love Luna and Tonks, both of them were cute.
And most of the scenes were exactly what I imagined reading the book.Ron's brothers Fred and George were cool! I love the way they dropped out of the school.

Now I want to read the book again but the latest and final book will be released in six days so I read it first!

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April 27, 2007

The Holiday




厚かましながら、今の自分に重ねてみたりして。年齢的にもまだキャリアとかはないけど、悩み多きお年頃なんで。細かい描写っていうか、なんか共感できる部分が多かったと思う。キラーズのMr.Brightside で歌い踊るキャメロンとか、ベッドでエアギターしちゃうケイトもかわいかったし、ダメ彼に三行半たたきつけるところなんか爽快。でも泣けないアマンダとすぐに涙ぐんじゃうアイリスって対照的だけど抱えてるものは一緒。アマンダのお家のご近所さんの老紳士アーサーの言葉もすごくステキ。meet cuteだったかな?すてきな出会いみたいな言葉。彼も言ってたけど、自分の人生だし、自分が主演女優になんなきゃだめよね。また、遊び人と思いきや、まっすぐに気持ちをぶつけたジュード・ロウにきゅーん♥ただでさえHotな俳優なのに。しかし、やっぱ、傷心には新しい恋なのかなー。


At last I saw the film The Holiday starring my favorite Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black (amazing!!). Also I really loved the same Nancy Mayers film What Women Want and was looking forward to it since I found the trailer on Yahoo US. It's a Christmas movie but ended up on theaters here in Spring!

Anyway I took this afternoon off from work so I decided to watch it coz it is almost a month from release and nearly end.
I must say that I and the two heroines have some things in common at the moment so I really understand what they feel. Maybe it's the best time for me to see that and I really need a HOLIDAY!!!

I love Cameron and Kate so much and I think two characters are normal, natural and pretty girls fairly close to us. I particularly enjoyed watching them singing/dancing The Killers' "Mr. Brightside", playing air-guitar and saying goodbye to their ex (even punching!).
And Amanda(Cameron's roll)'s neighbor Arthur is such a sweet gentleman! Also, Jude said at the end that he's in love with Amanda and it was quite a simple word but touching (partly because Jude is hot ;-) )

Well, when a person is broken-hearted, a new love may be the best treatment???

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December 24, 2006










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October 14, 2006


A series of overworking, an eathquake early this morning, it's made me so tired...

昨日の夜、PopJamに中国のスター周杰倫(Jay Chou)が出てました。4~5年前に中国でアイセッカーの子に勧められて(もう1つ勧められたのはF4)、彼のCD范特西(Fantasy)を買ったんだけど、結構よかったのよね。でも当時は、見た目が中村俊介(足球の方ね)っぽい、、、と思ったけど、昨夜見た感じではアイドル感がアップしていました。

This is about the Chinese showbiz. When I visited China, one of my friends (who's an AIESECer) recommended Jay Chou and F4 CDs. It was about 5 years ago and now they're quite popular in Japan as well.


My Shanghai friend visited Tokyo last month and she talked about a hot TV program in her place then. It was called "My Hero" in English (Jia You! Hao Nan er in Chinese), which was a competetion of cute boys from all over mainland China.

Just search "My Hero China" at YouTube, of course movies are all in Chinese;-)

優勝したのは、「チベットの王力宏」と呼ばれる(私は認めない 笑)チベット出身の蒲巴甲さん。最後の方まで残った人は芸能プロと契約したとか。その中でも、なんだか話題の人がいっぱいいるみたい。

馬天宇さんは途中で破れたみたいだけど、ものすごい人気なんだって~。武漢の少数民族出身らしい。確かに、かわいいわ。The アイドル!って感じ。本人のブログ発見→天宇的天空

MaTianYu, although he was beaten in the middle, is very very popular among girls in China and definitely he's so cute.


And my friend also said that the number of people started learning a sign language because SongXiaoPo has auditory difficulties because of a disease in his childhood. He's called a "Silent Angel".



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September 11, 2006

A Very Long Engagement


ずっとずっと観たかった、A Very Long Engagementが衛星放送でやってたので、

It's a French film. It's a shame I can't understand any French...but the language sounds very beautiful. I love Hollywood movies very much, but I also love French, German or British films.

The heroine was born in 1900 and there was the World War I in her late teens. Her fiance was brought out to the war. He didn't return and everybody said he's dead, but she never gave up and started to look for him!
パズルが一つ一つつながっていくような、ストーリー展開なのですが、なにしろ聞き慣れない名前の人々が大量に出没するため、It's hard to catch up with the story as many people appeared and were gone.

生々しい描写が多いため、rated R(R指定)なんですけど。今日のこともあるし、戦争とか、ほんとにもうやめて!って叫びたくなる。It is a romantic film, but also about the war. I really want stupid strugglings to be ended immidiately...

Anyway, it's a really moving story and I guess worth seeing.



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