January 22, 2012

GYHO 2012 -SIMPLE PLAN @ Yokohama Bay Hall





We went to the SIMPLE PLAN concert at Yokohama Bay Hall!! I was too excited their coming to my hometown!!! I got the tickets several months ago and looked forward to it. I hadn't been to any gigs since I got married in 2008. The last one was also Simple Plan and with Carl. This time I joined it with my husband, Carl again.

Our son stayed at my parents but I was a bit worried because it's the first time for him to spend a night without me.

A Canadian band, TEN SECOND EPIC "heated the floor" (as French say), and they're really awesome! Carl and I laughed when we found out that the guitarist (or bass? I'm not sure) was a man because he was rocking so hard that we couldn't see his bearded face with his long hair:-p After the show we saw them selling T-shirts at the entrance and they looked friendly, too. (I regret that there were too many people to talk with them. We just exchanged a few words).
前座のカナディアンバンド、TEN SECOND EPICもよかったです!!すごく盛り上がっていたし、元気をもらいました。きれいな長髪のギタリスト(ベース?)がいて、あら、女性かしら、と思ったら、すんごいおひげの男性で、カールおじさんと顔を見合わせて笑ってしまった(失礼)。超ロックしていたので、顔が見えなかったの…。

And then there they were! As far as I remember, they sang: Shut Up, Jumo, When I'm Gone, Addicted, You Suck At Love, Astronaut, Summer Paradise, My Alien, Can't Keep My hands Off You, Jet Lag, Loser of the Year, Love Is a Lie, This Song Saved My Life, Thank You, I'd Do Anything, Perfect...and Welcome to My Life, I'm Just A Kid......am I forgetting something?



They're really great! To be honest, I had a back-ache for the coldness but it's completely gone while I was jumping with them. I have sore throat and legs instead. But I thought I should exercise more... I can't make excuses of giving birth anymore.

They're really good at talking, too. Real entertainers. I would love to see them again with my son some day! Pierre tweeted that he'd try a new Japanese joke before the audience. It's always funny that bands from overseas do this. Sebastien singing a popular song of last year sang by little kids was so much fun, too (rofl).

We got home around half past nine, it took a while to get out of the hall. I didn't think it was this crowded last time... We knocked on my parents' door and found our son sleeping on a couch. When I saw it, my Simple Plan- occupied head was kind of blown out. I felt like getting back to my single life for a short period of time, but I am a mom and I love my son more than anything else.



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June 23, 2011

Get Your Heart On -Simple Plan

Simple Plan Get Your Heart On

I'd been waiting for the new album of Simple Plan!!
I've been busy, but I enjoy listening to it for refreshment.

I was also looking forward to their first official song in French! THey're bilingual Canadians and I have seen some videos in which they spoke in French (and Carl said he was able to tell their Canadian French, but I couldn't understand the difference), but never seen them singing in French!!


I bought the Japan version with three bonus tracks including Jet-Lag French version, but in the lyrics booklet the French lyrics were cut out!! Even though it's the best-motivating learning material for me!

探したら、公式サイトに出てた。Paroles de Jet Lag en Francais I found the lyrics at their official site.

And I translated them into Japanese by asking some questions to Carl.


(※ここは J'aimerais te dire qu'on pourra si faireとなっているけれど s'y faireの間違いのようです byカールおじさん)




(※Et je veux vivre ton aurore 直訳すると私はあなたの日の出を生きたい、多分同じ時間で生活したいという意味?)

Sounds romantic in any language;-)

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June 01, 2011

BFS, Yellowcard

I've been too busy to check out music news... I bought two new albums.

Bowling For Soup Fishing For Woos

It came with a little picture book and I read it for my baby (lol). Catchy melodies and funny lyrics, that's BFS that I love!

Yellowcard When You're Through Thinking Say Yes

Right after I went to their gig, they announced that they'd take a break. I was so sad... but they're back! I'm really happy to be able to listen to their music again.

On the previous album, the URL of Myspece was written but this time it was Facebook. I can understand why.

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September 04, 2010

Je deviens moi

Grégory Lemarchal Je deviens moi

I often listen to Kyo, a French rock band, to learn French, but I also wanted to find other artists and found him.

しかし、このGrégory Lemarchal(グレゴリー・ルマルシャル)さん、2007年に病気で23歳という若さで亡くなっていたのですweep
However, Grégory Lemarchal died of disease in 2007. He was only 23 years old...

フランスで人気らしいStar Academyというオーディション番組(アメリカンアイドルみたいなやつね)で優勝して一躍スターになったらしいのですが、きれいな声がとても印象的です。
He won the champion at Star Academy, an audition TV program in France just like American Idle and became famous. I was impressed by his beautiful voice.

I like Je deviens moi (I become myself) , Je suis en vie (I'm alive), Le feu sur les planches (the fire on the boards)などが好きです。

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August 22, 2010

The Masquerade

Melee The Masquerade

I haven't had time to listen to my favorite music as it's always children's song(s) playing at our place. I sometimes listen to punk rock after putting Pierre sleep or after feeding him in early morning and can't fall asleep with ear phones.

The American band that Carl also likes, Melee released a new album in Japan in advance. I don't even know when it will be in stores in their country, they seem to like Japan maybe because they're popular here? They'll come to Japan for promotion in the end of this month and come back again in October for gigs.

I'd like to go there... It was almost three years ago when I joined in alone, and I thought next time with Carl. But I can't be sure if I have enough strength to go to Shibuya at night which is always crowded with people...

先行シングルの On the Movie Screenは、Meleeらしい、きれいなメロディの歌で、かなり耳に残ります。そういえば、SR-71のミッチもこのアルバムに参加しているらしい!
The first Single-cut "On the Movie Screen" is very much like "Melee" rock with the catchy melody. I like it a lot, too. And I heard Mitch from SR-71 took part in this album! Wow.

ボーナストラックが2つ入っていたのですが、Teo Toriatte (Let Us Cling Together)って何語だ??ラテン語系っぽいタイトルだな〜と思っていたら、ビックリ、途中で歌が日本語になった!これはQueenのカバーで、「手を取りあって」という日本語だったのですねhappy02facebookで「クリス日本語上手!」ってコメントしている人がいて、何のことだ?と思ってたのですが、こういうことだったのかぁ〜。まぁ、スペル的に Te wo じゃないのかな?という気もするけど。
It came with two bonus tracks: I wondered in which language "Teo Toriatte (Let Us Cling Togther)" is, it could be some Latin-origin language... but as I listen to it and found some lines are in Japanese. This is originally by Queen and the title is Japanese (means like "hand in hand") . Some people wrote on facebook "Your Japanese is perfect, Chris" and now I know why they said so! Well, it should be spelled "Te wo...".

What Good Is Love (Without You)もなんか、Queenっぽい感じのする歌だった。Freezeも好きだなぁ・・・捨て曲がないhappy01
What Good Is Love (Without You) sounded similar to Queen's songs. I like Freeze, too... all tracks are good for me:-)

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October 30, 2009

Sorry for Partyin'

Bowling For Soup Sorry for Partyin'

I bought it at iTunes Music Store but there seems to be several versions not only import or Japan ver. I like their pop and fun music but their lyrics are mostly explicit and dirty as you can see from the jacket. And it's like...here they come again!

先行シングルのMy Wenaは聴いてる分には大丈夫(?)ですが、ビデオは開いた口がふさがらないお下品さ・・・YouTubeの公式サイトには、"Clean Version"もアップされていますが。でもついつい口ずさんでしまう、楽しい曲です。
My Wena, the first single from the album, sounded OK, but once I watched the video...it made my jaw dropped. They also uploaded the "Clean Version" on their official YouTube. The song itself is catchy.

個人的にちょっと好きなのは、BFFF。同性の親友への歌という感じなのですが、歌詞がちょっとウケる。My favorite is "BFFF", which is like a song for a best friend. The lyrics are funny.

"I'm trying to say I love you in a heterosexual way"
"You'll tell the world I'm gay when you hear me say...
Not that there's anything wrong with being gay"

Girls often use "love" with their female friends, but guys may pay more attention when they use that word to their male friends??

他にもビール好きの彼ららしいHooray for Beerとか、楽しい曲がいっぱいでした。
Anyways, it's a nice album:-)

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October 19, 2009

Forget and Not Slow Down

Relient K Forget and Not Slow Down

I read in a book that listening to music like Mozart is good for a baby, but we don't have any classic CDs in our place. I listen to Rock and Punk as usual... too bad?

Relient Kはメロディーこそロックですが、クリスチャンロックとも言われ、中身は安全(?)です。また、彼らは私と同年代なので、一緒に成長してる感もあります。今回はジャケットも中身も、大人ロックな感じがします。
Relient K sings rock music but they are also called Christian Rock and the lyrics are always clean. And I like them very much as they are almost as old as me and I feel like we are growing up together. This album sounded adult (matured) and so looks the jacket.

アルバムのタイトルにもなっている、一曲目Forget and Not Slow Downは励まされるというか、前向きな歌ですごく好き。サビは『忘れちゃって、突っ走ろう 今変えることができないことを後悔するより』というような意味で、そうだそうだ!と思いました。
The first track Forget and Not Slow Down, which is also the title of the album, is very encouraging and positive. They sing " I'd rather forget and not slow down / Than gather regret for the things I can't change now" and I really agree with it!

また、気になったのが、最後の曲This Is The End (If You Want It)なのですが、歌の中に「日本」が出て来て、「え?」と。
There was something interesting about the final track This Is The End (If You Want it), in which they sing "Japan".

"That's it I said it now I'm sailing off to Neverland and then Japan"

「ネバーランド、それから日本へ船をこいで行く」???ネバーランドの次ってところから、今の先進国なイメージの日本というより、スウィフトの「ガリバー旅行記」やマルコ・ポーロの「東方見聞録」に出てくるような、未知の国の頃のイメージなのかなぁ?と思いました。Relient Kはまだライブで聴いたことがないので、是非「飛行機で」日本に来て欲しいです。
ちなみに、カールおじさんは "Netherlands and then Japan"と勘違いしていました。。。オランダの後日本って、、、鎖国時代??
Neverland and then Japan??? I guess they meant Japan not as current developed country but as a mysterious country that appears in Swift's "Gulliver's Travels" or "The Travels of Marco Polo". Well, I haven't been to their gig so I hope they come to Japan maybe by plane.
By the way, Carl thought "Netherlands and then Japan"... why?

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April 03, 2009

The Bird and the Bee Sides

Relient K The Bird and the Bee Sides

これも、数ヶ月前に購入したもの。ダブルEPということで、正式なアルバムではないみたい。CDが2枚ついていて、The Bird and the Bee Sidesと、The Nashville Tennis。前者は前にリリースされたB面曲等々のリ・リリース(B面とハチのbeeをかけてるのね。。。)、後者は新曲。
Where Do I Go From Here、I Just Want You To Knowあたりが好きnote

I bought this dounle EP a couple of months ago, too. They're two CDs of "The Bird and the Bee Sides" and "The Nashville Tennis". The former is re-releases of previous B-side songs. And the latter is new ones. My favorites are Where Do I Go From Here, I Just Want You To Know. Especially I wanted to use"I Just..." for our wedding party but there were no room in the playlist to my regret.

Relient Kの曲は結婚パーティーでも使いましたが、I Just Want You To Knowも使いたかった(入りきらなかったので泣く泣く切った)。

Who I Am Hates Who I've Beenのアコースティックが入ってるのもうれしい。

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When the World Comes Down

The All American Rejects When the World Comes Down

I already bought it a couple of months ago but didn't have enough time to enjoy it. I used to have time to listen to new albums in a train to go the office, but not any more.

1曲目、I Wannaが好きです。耳に残るメロディーで、つい口ずさんでしまいます。AARらしい感じも満開。Breakin'も!世間的にはGive You Hellがトップ40入りしてるみたいだけど、私は前の2つのが好きです。
The first track, I Wanna is cool! Catchy melody and I find myself singing it time to time. It sounds the AAR music. So does Breakin'. Give You Hell hits Top40 in the states but still I like the former two.
However, their previous two albums were too good and this album couldn't beat them in me. But nothing disappointing!

They're also coming to Summer Sonic 09 so I would like to see them again there.




By the way, one of my ex-coworker talked to me the other day asking if I liked western music. I wondered why he knew it and it turned out that he saw me at Summer Sonic two years ago (why didn't he tell me until now!).

I look terrible at Summer Sonic without any make-up for sweating a lot, trying to protect my skin from the sun beam...having caught by a coworker was the last thing I wantedshock

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Give Me Fire

Mando Diao Give Me Fire

I don't have much time to enjoy music these days and I MISSED the release date of their new album. But they're so fast, it's been a year and bit since the last one. I found it yesterday and ran to a CD shop. I usually buy imports but as the Japan version comes with two bonus tracks and a music video, I bought the latter.

前回のNever Seen the Light of Dayで今までの激しい曲からガラッと違う面を見せてくれて、驚きつつ、でも楽しめました。今回は「踊れる!」がテーマらしい。確かに、Dance With Somebodyとか、踊りたくなっちゃいます。もう少し若ければ(!?)夜の街に繰り出したくなるところですが、もうマダムなので、家で料理しながら踊る程度にとどめておきます(笑)
Their last album "Never Seen the Light of Day" was so much different from their previous albums and it surprised me. I liked it anyways;-) This time the theme is "danceable" it sounds. It makes you dance really to listen to Dance With Somebody. I would go clubbing if I were a bit younger but I'm already a madame and will stay home and dance while cooking (lol).

I found them really attractive again because you would not feel much passion as a band releases their second, third albums to find similar songs, but MD is different. I never get bored because they change (or challenge?) again and again. And the titles are easy to remember:-)

1曲目のBlue Lining White Trenchcoatのイントロからもういい感じです。よくあるけど、女性の名前の歌(今回はGloria)が入ってると、いいなぁ〜と思う。誰かErikaっ歌作ってくれないかな〜とか思うけど、それこそデスメタルバンドとかだったらちょっと困るかも。。。coldsweats02
Give Me Fireは彼ららしい曲。全体的に大満足です。
The intro of the first track grabs your heart! And there are many songs which sing about a female using certain names (this time, Gloria) and I always envy those who have that name! I wish somebody make a song titled Erika? but no thanks if it's a death metal band or something...
Give Me Fire sounds more like "their music" as they were (have been?) and I am quite satisfied with all the songs!

I would LOVE to join in Summer Sonic 09 to see them. But if I go, Carl will come with me. But he likes much more pop music so he needs "training"..

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